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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sign The Petition!

I have started two fantastic petitions. One, well both actually, was Neil Schnurrs idea over at Golden Geese News. Go give him a visit and tell him hello. He ranks right up at the top of the best blogs out there. The first petition is for Harry Reid. We have decided that his name is offensive to us and every time we hear mention of his name, our stomach turns and we feel an emotion called anger. And then bad words start to fly out of our mouth, such as you have never heard...or maybe you have and maybe you have experienced the same set of symptoms. It's called Hareiditis and it is curable but only if we can get rid of the parasite, Harry Reid. Of course, there are many parasites to contend with and I guarantee that if we get rid of one, there will be many more to take their place. Remember the euphoria we all felt when Barney Frank left? Oops. Did I just cause more bad words to fly out of your mouth at the mention of the toothless fairy? Sorry about that but you can see now just how serious this is. 

Since Harry Reid, or whatever name you like to call him (I prefer wonder britches myself) has decided the Washington Redskins need to change their name, (O'butthead and Nancy McBotox Pelosi have too and we will get to them) then it is time we stood and made it known that Harry Reid needs to change his name for the exact same reason the Redskins should change theirs. IT'S OFFENSIVE! Check to the left of this post and you should see a link to sign the petition. The only way to fight the left is to give them back what they have given us full force. After all, revenge is the best medicine. We tried laughter but that only got us through the first five minutes of O'butthead's (p)residency.

The second petition is for Cracker Barrel. They have decided to remove all Duck Dynasty merchandise from their shelves because they don't want to offend the little gay people who eat there or work there. They care more about the "feelings" of gay idiots then they do about the values of Christians. Well, fine then. We Christians have put up with their racist name for far too long and it is time now to demand they change it. Could you imagine if I opened up Jiggaboo Junction and only served the finest soul food around? Or how about Nappy Roots Hair Salon where I only gave the finest weaves? Refried Beaners? My first customer would be a process server giving me those papers that say, You Have Been Sued!

I know exactly where to lay the blame for all of these things happening in our Nation today. It can be laid right at our own feet. Because we have been complicit and allowed these things to happen through our silence. Nearly 1.5 million people signed the petition in support of Duck Dynasty within 24 hours. Why the hell can we not organize that way against this government? Have they not done and said things that are just as offensive to us as Phil Robertson being fired for saying that faggots are sinners? Guess what gay wads? YOU ARE SINNERS! Just as we all are. Get over it! 

I am asking that you first sign these petitions and then organize with your friends and family and start fighting back against this tyranny. Otherwise, Lil' Kim over in North Korea will seem like a Care Bear compared to our Faggot President. Yep! I said it and I do not care. Know why? Because I am done with being politically correct. I remember when I rode my bike like a little girl.....WHEN I WAS A LITTLE GIRL! O'Stupid just does it naturally. Little limp wristed, milk toast idiot! Okay, I have to stop now before I go off on a week's rant. I feel like this little guy way too often.
Bloody, I know, but soooo me on some days.


  1. OMG, you actually did it. Well, I signed both of them. I do think it would be funny if millions demanded that Harry Reid change his name. I suggest Fairy Dweeb.