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Monday, December 30, 2013

It Is No Longer A Question Of What America Is Becoming, It Is What She Has Become

I know there are many of us out there that have watched with disbelief as our beloved Nation has fallen to new and un-imagined lows. We shake our head in amazement and clench our fists in anger. We live in a Nation today that it was never intended to be. Progressives, Socialists, Marxists and Communists have seen to it that America is no longer the place she used to be. Everything that is good and moral is now bad and everything that is corrupt and immoral is now the norm. A few days ago, a young 20 year old volunteer paramedic was suspended for driving a 4 year old to the hospital. "Rules" require the paramedic to be 21. He called for someone else to do it but his calls went unanswered so he drove her there himself and it ended up saving her life. But now this young kid, who is also a part time police officer is suspended. The message? Follow the rules regardless of who dies. Save your own ass instead of someone else's.

A child can go have an abortion without parental consent or notification but a 20 year old paramedic/police officer cannot drive someone to the hospital. A white person will be charged with a federal hate crime for hitting a black man but the blacks who do the same to white people will not be charged with that same federal crime. A man of faith cannot say that he believes homosexuality to be wrong on TV without uproar and indignation over his comments but 2 homosexuals on the same channel can talk openly about how great "man ass" is with no repercussions.

How about that Muslim idiot that shot up Fort Hood? He is only charged with "workplace violence" yet veterans who own guns and happen to go to Tea Party rallies are considered potential "domestic terrorists." If you work hard to be successful, you will only be rewarded with higher taxes and more government intrusion on your life but if you are a lazy, good for nothing, you are rewarded with an EBT card, medicaid, and subsidized housing.

Leftist Hollywood elites and sports figures are praised for earning millions of dollars yet if a Conservative is successful in business and has worked hard to build an empire, they are cast in the mold of greedy capitalists who make a fortune off the backs of the "little people." Tea Party Activists are considered "radical" and a threat to National Security while those Occupy pigs are praised by this administration. Even while the Tea Party held peaceful rallies and cleaned up after themselves, the Occupiers were burning cars and destroying property, dropping their fecal matter wherever it happened to fall from their filthy, unwashed ass in public, smoking dope and living in their pathetic tent cities in Public Parks, paid for by our tax dollars.

How sad that flags are ordered at half mast over the death of a communist ruler or a doped up has been pop diva but not for the death of American heroes who fight and die for this Nation. Or that our politicians try to sell us the load of crap that in order to get out of trillions of dollars in debt, we must spend trillions more. There is no common sense. There is no honor. And there is no turning back. We have come to far. Obama has succeeded in fundamentally changing America. We will never be able to go back to a more sane time where rational thought and common sense ruled. All we can do is fight against the damage already done. However, there is one thing that Obama and those like him will never take from me or those like me. That is my faith and my complete and total belief in God.

So the left can fight to take my guns, my freedom, my rights. I will fight back as hard as I am able but should they succeed, it will never be a complete victory for them because no matter how hard they try, they will never stop me from praying to my Father in Heaven. It is something that I can and will do anytime I so choose and no one will ever prevent me from doing so. And that makes Obama a failure in all things. Take away the material but you will never remove the heart of the American Christian Conservative. 

The America we live in now is not the same as she was even 5 short years ago. And she never will be again. Too much damage has been done. Gays run around like imbeciles in the streets and the left will scream and cry over the slightest of offensives to their sensibilities. They have gotten away with it for too long and they know that if they cry and whine loud enough, they will get their way. The heathen are raging, just as God told us they would. We are moving ever closer to that one world system also as God said we would. It is known as the beast that receives the deadly wound, meaning we won't quite make it but we will get damn close. Then Satan comes as anti-Christ and heals the beast..... 

When all is said and done, the one true God will return and He will reign forever. Those who hate Him and all He stands for will be gone, never to return ever again. Stand strong, fellow Americans, and stay ever faithful. God is watching and He will demand that evil pay the wages of their sin. 


  1. Oooh, that's pretty good. I'm gonna repost it.

  2. Amen Sister...I wish more people understood that our great nation is dying and people are standing around taking pictures of it with there iphones never realizing that they would soon be joining it in a mass grave somewhere where nobody knows their names...

  3. Hey Angela;

    Very well written, very good rant on the present condition.