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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Boycott Geicos Pshycho's

Ok, I admit it, most of the time I DVR what I watch on TV and the commercials never find their way in. But one did and it really ticked me off! It's that little Geico lizard and he is now bashing the Tea Party. He is in Boston preparing to make his tea when a gust of wind whips his little tea bag into the harbor. The camera shows the tea bag floating on the water before panning back to lizard boy so that we can here him say how glad he is that that party is over.

I have known for a while now that Geico is nothing more than a progressive piece of crap company but this is just too much. They fired R Lee Ermey because he spoke out against O'Butt Head and they cancelled insurance of people who worked in the firearms industry.

I say it's time to give Geico a taste of its own cancellation medicine. If you have Geico, perhaps it is time to switch. They are pro-Obama which means they are pro-socialism/communism. This means they are against capitalism. So don't give them the money they hate from capitalism in a free market. I am so sick and  tired of these assholes. It is very easy to switch insurance. Hell, I've heard that even a caveman could do it.


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