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Monday, December 16, 2013

PETA Has A Drone?

I know it sounds crazy, but apparently it's true. PETA is now offering drones for sale. For only $324.99, you too can now be the proud owner of your very own drone. Of course they intend the drone to be used to spy on hunters, but after one is purchased they have no say what it is used for. I'm not even sure this is legal. If private citizen and are now allowed to own drones, then I think it's time I became an entrepreneur. Maybe now I'll offer drones for sale, paint them red white and blue and send them off into the wild blue yonder to see what wonderboy in chief is up to.

PETA has claimed that "exposure to hunting encourages would-be criminals and that hunting programs teach kids that violence is somehow acceptable." Nothing could be further from the truth. There've been numerous studies that have proven that children who spend time hunting with responsible adults develop valuable social and critical thinking skills that last a lifetime.

Perhaps PETA should stick to wearing a meat dress or throwing blood on a fur coat somewhere.


  1. What would be fun is to find out what frequency their drones operate on and jam that frequency and gps frequency, capture their drone and post pictures on the internet.
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