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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

To illegal Christians

A letter to illegal aliens who call themselves Christian.

First, you lie. You made no effort to obey the law, but sneaked into America avoiding the front door. Second, are we not all to grow where we are planted? Is your country not worse off when you take your Christian ethics, morality and Savior and sneak into another country? Are you not leaving it to thugs and criminals? But surprise, those here who encourage you to sneak in are thugs and criminals – and you help them stay in power; they will use and abuse you for ends that will not end well for any. Think about the people you left behind and the Christian influence you could have had upon them. The truth is, you only want chicken and ham, entertainment and a ‘bamaphone.

You have been duped by Mr. Obama and his radical degenerate supporters. For just a moment, think … what do you absolutely know about Mr. Obama? That he was ever eligible for the office he has usurped? No. That he graduated, taught, and wrote at Columbia University? No. That he lied from day one to America? Yes. Yes, the foremost thing we absolutely know about Mr. Obama is that he is a liar – if you can get U.S. citizenship, you can keep your U.S. citizenship.

From Mr. Obama and supporters I never expected good government or moral leadership; it is not in them. What is in them that they love has come out: lies, murder, thievery, robbery, degeneracy, chaos and vigorous hatred for all things even vaguely Christian, decent or moral.

It has been sad to watch America grow ever more fascist and autocratic for so many years. I have often wanted to flee, yet even with all our faults and ignoring God, where is there a more Christian nation than here? Where is there a more willing-to-help and loving people? No, here is where I was planted, and here I will stay.

Yes, jackals and hyenas, thugs and thieves, Orcs if you like, rule the roost just now, yet I trust God, and men influenced by God, will overcome; however, I shudder at the cost. I read the news of Egyptian Christians slaughtered by Muslims as Mr. Obama plays at president and golf, and I shudder at the cost.

Evan Dimitroff

To illegal Christians
Wed, 18 Feb 2015 00:35:07 GMT


  1. I know someone who kind of showed up, over the border. His mother was human, the Father travels. They said nothing good could come from Nazareth, or Egypt.
    Just a refugee, send that back. Funny how the misfits and pigrims get to live, and those that trust to the laws of men are buried. And how else can prodigals or angels move in such a place? Mercy.

    1. I understand what you are saying but with all due respect, not a single one of these illegals are Jesus and if they are great, then they can come here legally.