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Friday, February 27, 2015

Rick Perry: America will survive Obama as it did Carter


Texas Gov. Rick Perry

Texas Gov. Rick Perry

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. – President Obama’s unwillingness to enforce immigration laws is as great a foreign policy failure as his administration’s inability to defeat the Islamic jihadist army ISIS, declared former Texas Gov. Rick Perry at the Conservative Political Action Conference Friday morning.

“No one should be surprised when dictators decide, like Assad in Syria, to cross President Obama’s red lines, because Assad knows President Obama will note even defend the line that divides the United States from Mexico,” Perry said.

“There are no real consequences when dictators and adversaries defy America, and this must change,” said Perry, a presidential candidate in 2012 who has not declared his intentions for 2016

“For the world to be safer, America must be stronger. And for America to be safer, our border must be secure. Drug cartels and transnational gangs smuggle guns, drugs and people. They are a clear and present danger to the health and safety of all Americans. Any conversation about comprehensive immigration reform must begin with comprehensive border security,” Perry said.

“That’s exactly why last summer I looked President Obama right square in the eye and said, ‘If you won’t secure our border with Mexico, Texas will,’” Perry related to strong applause from an enthusiastic CPAC audience.

Perry joined other presidential hopefuls at CPAC in echoing President Ronald Reagan’s belief that America’s best days lie ahead.

“America survived a civil war, two world wars, a great depression,” he argued. “We even survived Jimmy Carter. We will survive the Obama years, too. There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be fixed by a change in leadership.”

Perry said it’s “time for America to lead the world.”

“It’s time to build an America worthy of leading the world, an America where our citizens and their children can dream again. Let’s roll up our sleeves, let’s go to work, and let’s revive this great nation once again,” he said.

Perry also encouraged the conservative movement to become an agency of change, willing to demand that every government agency be able to justify every penny of taxpayer money spent.

“Our nation is involved with generational theft,” Perry charged. “Opportunity and security have been replaced with anxiety at work. The cost of health care and college tuitions have gone up faster than inflation, with student debt at an all time high, and this has to change.”

Perry said it’s “time to restore hope and opportunity to the middle class, and we can start with our tax code.”

“It’s time to stop regulation by runaway federal agencies. It’s not a surprise when one out of five Americans are on food stamps when one out of 10 Americans are either unemployed, underemployed or just so discouraged they have quit looking for work,” he said.

Perry said that in Texas under his leadership, the welfare state has been replaced with what he called the “freedom state.”

“Our formula was simple,” he explained. “You control the taxes and spending, and you provide smart regulations. You develop an educated workforce and you stop lawsuit abuse at the courthouse.”

Perry claimed that in his 14 years as Texas governor, the state created one-third of all private sector jobs created in America, noting that in the last seven years, Texas has created 1.4 million jobs.

“You take those jobs out of the equation,” he continued, “minus the jobs created by Texas, this country lost a quarter of a million jobs. It’s time to bring economic revival to every state in America with policies that limit government instead of expanding it.”

Rick Perry: America will survive Obama as it did Carter
Jerome R. Corsi
Fri, 27 Feb 2015 16:32:06 GMT


  1. I'm not so sure.

    Carter, while incompetent, most certainly loved America.
    Obama seems determined to actively bring about it's collapse .

    1. Yes, but I believe God's word with my whole heart. Daniel 11:20 is most surely about Obama. His whole world will come tumbling down. There are too many secrets and people will not save him when it comes to their own ass on the line. They will throw him under the bus.

    2. I most certainly hope that you are right !

    3. Me too, Jerseygirl, me too..............