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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Obama has crossed a very serious line


OK, Barack. That did it. I’m offended, and I know you don’t care.

You pushed your luck with that speech at the National Prayer Breakfast last week. Your words made it abundantly clear to me where you stand on Islam and reveal your antagonism toward Christianity.

Despite the fact you were elected twice to the presidency of this country, your words finally did it for me – and, I suspect, millions of others across the country.

You demeaned Christianity – anything and everything about it – and Christians in general. You had the gall to tell Christians to get “off their high horse” if they are angry about Islamic violence because, according to you, Christian violence during the Crusades makes us all equally guilty.

Nonsense – moral relativism taken to the extreme.

The Crusades were a defensive move by Christians after Muslims had taken over half of the world at that time. Yes, there was violence, but that was over a thousand years ago.

The Christian church had a reformation and even you, Barack Obama, would be hard pressed to find even a tinge of similar violence on the part of Christians against other religions since.

You can’t say that about Islam. The horrific violence used then is being used now. We have the pictures, the bodies, the blood and some of the survivors.

It’s hard to ignore, but you, Barack Obama, manage to do that. And your friends in politics and media give you the cover to get away with it.

The National Prayer Breakfast is part of a several day series of meetings and speeches involving people of all faiths, but the emphasis is on Christianity and its place in the foundation of this country.

I know, I know – you don’t like that, and you won’t say that, but it’s true.

We don’t have a state religion, but our beliefs, laws and founding history are clearly based on Christianity. Our country has made it possible for people of other faiths to live here and prosper and prove that we really can all get along – because we have the freedom to practice religion, the government stays out of it and no one is forced to believe or not believe.

And it’s worked until recently, when militant Islam has gone on the offensive against the West and all it represents. There are hundreds – no, actually, thousands – of incidents across the world of violence and brutality by Islamists against Christians and other religions. The one constant in all of the violence and bloodshed is that it is against any religion that’s not Islam.

It’s as clear as the nose on your face yet, despite the reports, the pictures, the bodies and the blood, you, Barack Obama, refuse to name the cause of all the mayhem.

You won’t mention Islam, militant Islamists or even the word “terrorism.” You ignore and accept the evil we face.

You expect this country to use the military in a limited fashion against an enemy that you won’t identify and that puts our troops in harm’s way for a cause even they are not allowed to define.

The United States has been attacked by militant Islam many times, but the greatest single disaster was the destruction of the World Trade Center on Sept. 11. Thousands of innocent civilians were attacked, trapped and burned to death at the hands of people who believe their religion is the one and only and the rest of us can just – well – just …

Despite that, Barack Obama, the man who is supposed to represent all Americans, refuses to call the perpetrators “terrorists” and declare that we are at war against them.

The United Nations came out with a report last week on the Rights of the Child and wrote of the thousands of children raped and mutilated by militant Islamists. There are pictures of children decapitated and cut in half, crucified; of schools raked by gunfire and burned; of children kidnapped and sold for rape and murder

Has the president of the United States said even one word about these atrocities and who committed them and why?

I thought the growing list of innocents beheaded as a taunt against the West was the worst – but I was wrong.

Last week, we saw an innocent man, a pilot, after he had suffered beatings and mistreatment as a prisoner, doused in flammable liquid and set afire in a metal cage.

Almost unimaginable – a man burned alive.

The Islamic terrorists spent time and energy producing a video of this horrific death and used it to taunt the West again.

After a few words of condolence for the family of the pilot, Barack Obama went on with his preplanned speech on another topic, as though nothing had happened.

Remember when he was told of an American journalist who was beheaded, Obama said a few words and immediately went back to his golf game.

Barack Obama, I have seen your classlessness and insults over the years. Finally, I will say it: You have offended me, and there’s no way for you to correct that. I will be ashamed of you as the president, but I will not be ashamed of my country.

Barack Obama stepped in it so deeply this time, he has no way out of the quagmire. Obama pushed his luck in his unending quest to diminish this country and denigrate Christianity.

It’s too bad there weren’t any people at the prayer breakfast with the courage to stand up during Obama’s speech and turn their back on him. Better yet, they should have walked out.

But no, Christians are not allowed to be offended when their beliefs are dragged into the gutter of insults.

Well, it’s time to change that.


Obama has crossed a very serious line
Barbara Simpson
Sun, 08 Feb 2015 22:05:43 GMT


  1. He offended many Christian leaders from all over the world. His words only exposed what anyone that is offended by violence already knows: Obama is a radical, can't remove his agenda from decent behavior, and is a coward.