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Monday, February 9, 2015

Dear Barry,



Let me be perfectly clear… I care so much about you that I have taken great pains to type this letter to you with my middle finger. No easy task considering I have much to say. I’m sure the effort on my part is lost on you but perhaps others who read this will appreciate it.

Over the last few years, you have made some very insulting remarks concerning not only Americans, but Christian Americans. I would like to address these insults as a whole, but they are far too numerous so I will just focus on the most recent.

On Thursday, February 8, 2015, you took to the podium at The National Prayer Breakfast and insulted America, because no matter what you may think, we are indeed a very Christian Nation. You told us to come down off of our high horse. And as you wagged your verbal finger under our nose, your high horse grew taller. You stood there in condemnation of a people of which you know nothing about, yet you hate anyway. But we are aware of who and what you are, Barry, and so is God. The one true God and not some made up fictional caricature that calls for violent blood to be shed in his name.

The word Islam means submission. That’s what these Jihadist terrorists do. They believe, as you do Barry, that they must “submit” to a “god” who commands them to kill every last non-believer. And they are trying their hardest to accomplish just that. And you lie in the same filthy bed with them.

You told us that perhaps we should not be the ones to cast the first stone. Could you tell me, Barry, which Christian started this global Jihad by chopping off the head or burning alive a Muslim? Oh, that’s right…it was the crusades. And just for the record, did you gain your knowledge of the crusades from watching Monty Python? Here…let me help you:

The crusades began in the year 1095. That’s nearly a millennia ago. You see, Muslims had taken over Jerusalem in the year 638 and were violently persecuting the Christians there. In fact, they destroyed over 300 monasteries and churches. On Good Friday in the year 1065, 12,000 Christian pilgrims from Germany were slaughtered by Muslim Seljuk Turks as they approached Jerusalem. In the early 11th century, Christians who were living in those occupied territories were severely restricted and constantly pressured to convert to Islam. Christians living in the Fatimid caliphate were subjected to persecution during the reign of al-Hakim who ordered them to wear black turbans and huge crosses in public so they could be identified. He also ordered the destruction of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem which had originally been built by Constantine and St. Helena in the 4th century.

As usual, Christians didn’t jump at just any opportunity to persecute Muslims. Quite the contrary. Turning the other cheek does you know good if you do not have a head. It was over 300 hundred years after Muslims overtook Jerusalem before Christians said, “Enough!” And so they set out to do something about it. The crusades were about self-defense and the recovery of stolen property. They were about saying, ”We will not just sit down and be slaughtered without a fight.”

In response to these and numerous other evil acts from the Muslims, Pope Urban II called for Christian knights to take up arms and stop them. You see, Barry, way back, more than a millennia ago, Muslims were doing the same thing they are today. Waging a Jihad, it is not holy, against Christians and anyone who will not convert. Christians do not attack unprovoked. It’s only that Muslims have very thin skin and cannot handle even the slightest of what they perceive to be an insult. Kind of like you, Barry.

The mistaken views of the Crusades are the product of ignorance of history and the negative spin that anti-Christians, people like yourself, have portrayed. Muslims are still harboring an anger in what they call an unjust holy war intended to wipe them out a millennia ago and they use this lie as an excuse to continue their blood-thirsty vengeance. What they did before, they continue to do today, all in the name of a small minded little god who could no more wipe his own behind than a statue standing on Easter Island.

As an enemy of the United States, you have focused far more on censoring and punishing us then you have trying to stop terrorism. You do not believe in America nor do you share the values that the majority of us share. You have chosen your path, Barry, and you carry the traits that God says are an abomination to Him. One day, you will answer for yourself and one day, your knee WILL bow before the LORD.

You say we Christians are on a high horse but I submit to you Barry, that we are in fact on our knees. We are praying for America and for our family, friends, and neighbors as we live under your particular brand of tyranny. We pray that your fundamental transformation of our beloved Nation gets reversed and that enough people wake up and that you are impeached and imprisoned for your crimes. Make no mistake, Barry, we do indeed pray for you. And God does hear us. Daniel 11:20 tells us what will befall you. Just as our National Debt clock skyrockets upwards, so does your hourglass run out of sand. Your time in office is going to end. You are not king and while your wife may be a “queen”, she certainly is not royalty.

In this game of chess, you have almost placed yourself in check-mate. The world is seeing you Barry and the world knows your secrets. What will you do when all is laid bare?


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