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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Thom Hartman Says Suicides Are Caused By Conservatives

First off, I don't know who Thom Hartman is. Second, I don't care who Thom Hartman is and third, I don't care what Thom Hartman says. After doing a little, and I do mean a little, research on this idiot, I found all I needed to know within a few short sentences. He is just another mentally decrepit liberal. He says that suicide rates are up because of conservative policies. He has also said that giving children Ritalin causes them to turn into conservatives. Ummm, giving children Ritalin turns children into zombies you idiot. But let's get back to the suicide issue.

If suicides are indeed on the rise, it is because of the economy and the looming mess of Obamacare. This country has been in the control of liberal, communist shitheads for the past 5 years and things have not gotten better. They have gotten worse. God is being pushed out of the lives of Americans at an alarming rate and when God is out, so is hope. If people put their trust in man, then there can be no hope. Only God provides that hope, through faith, that keeps us fighting through, knowing that He is there and that HE WILL take care of business. Those who commit suicide have no hope and quite frankly, no faith. 1 Corinthians 10:13. There are 3 promises in this one verse. God will never leave us nor forsake us. We never go through things alone. There is always someone else out there who has gone through the same thing we have. And He will always show us a way out.

The condition to the above promises? It's called faith. You have to believe that God is there for you. You have to repent of your sins and trust God to take care of everything that we are unable to. Liberal policies remove hope and faith. So if suicide is on the rise, then it is because of liberal, socialist policies that are destroying everything good in this Country and in the world.

As for you Thom, you are an idiot of the highest order and as such you shall be treated.


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