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Thursday, August 15, 2013

White woman burns black child to wait and let me explain!

I am re-posting this. It was written by a friend over at Patriots Corner. Make this go viral and give him a visit.

White woman burns black child to wait and let me explain!

Did the lead in line catch your attention? I am sure it would have for Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Oprah 'FAT' Winfrey, Barack Obama, the BGI, Hollywood, sports race baiters, had it this been a poor, 'plantation raised', inner city BLACK child murdered by an evil, race privileged WHITE woman. This story would have been one of the top stories at NBC, ABC, PMSNBC, PBS for sure.

You can all go back to sleep now or just back to sticking you collective heads up where the sun does not shine or maybe just deep into the sand and pretend all is well in AmeriKKKA, not America nor these United States.

This is a perfect storm of an example of political correctness, excessive diversity and what the personification of race has done, and how race has been played in this once fine Republic to divide and start a race war. This war has already been ignited, the fuse is lit and the the ammunition magazine will be exploding. This is NOT an if but a WHEN. The reaction to the George Zimmerman verdict was predictable and the oh so righteous, the politically correct racists and  those consumed, beaten down by the guilt of the 'White Man's Burden' was exposed for all of us to see, and witness.

The kidnapping and burning to death of of WHITE child at the hands of a 'minority' woman.

Now we have Mona Nelson. Mona is a BLACK(?) woman who burned to death a WHITE boy with a torch, slowly, and why? We will probably never know why nor will we know the truth of why she committed this horrendous crime. As it is noted over at the Treehouse, where is the national coverage? Did you hear anything about this murder on the LSM?

Help this go viral and I could care less about hits back to here. PatriotUSA


Mona Nelson Trial – She Kidnapped Him, She Tied Him Up With Twine, and Then Slowly Burned Him To Death With A Blowtorch -On Christmas Eve- The Trial Began This Week

Yet again – Where’s The Media ?

Applying their unidirectional race-based filter of course.


Houston Texas - Christmas Eve 2010 a 12-year-old boy named Jonathan Foster should have been preparing for presents and family.   Instead, he was tied up with string, and slowly being burned alive by a blowtorch in the hands of Mona Nelson who had kidnapped him from his home hours earlier.
Her trial began this week.

johnathan foster and mona nelson

Texas Chron - Prosecutors promised Wednesday they could show how, but not why, accused killer Mona Nelson callously ended the life of a 12-year-old boy after he disappeared on Christmas eve 2010.

Mona Yevette Nelson 2

In her opening argument in the third day of Nelson’s trial, prosecutor Connie Spence said: “I’m going to hit on some big questions in this trial. But the why-the motive-there’s not going to be one.”

She then gave a lengthy, detailed accounting of what happened in the time leading up to kidnaping of Jonathan Foster, just minutes before his mother returned home from her job at a Houston meat market.

Spence said that one of the key pieces of evidence will be a sweatshirt that the boy’s mother identified as her son’s that also had Mona Nelson’s blood on it and was found in a trash can by Nelson’s house.

On Tuesday, state District Judge Jeannine Barr denied most of a request by Nelson’s attorney that statements his clients made to police be tossed out. That decision cleared the way for opening arguments in the case in which Nelson has pleaded not guilty to the kidnap and murder of Jonathan Foster, a fifth grader.

Nelson’s defense attorney, Allen Tanner, began his opening argument by stressing that his client had “zero, zero motive to kill that boy.”

Mona Nelson

However, the victim’s mother, Angela Davis, standing in the hallway and wearing a button with a picture of her red-headed son, said she had no idea why Nelson would want to kill her son. “The only thing I can say is that my justice will be given when she meets her maker. There’s no telling why she would do this. She’s just pure evil. She let Satan command instead of God.”  (read more)

Go ahead and try to find mention of this in the Main Stream Media. Go Ahead.

Other than a few blogs posting about it, and true crime blogs following it, the media coverage is (((( crickets )))) Why?

If this were are middle aged white woman who kidnapped, tortured, and slowly burned a little black boy to death on Christmas Eve, the beginning of the trial would be the lead story in every media outlet.

There would be satellite trucks in the parking lot of the Houston courthouse.


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