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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Al-Qaeda Is On The Run...See Them Back There? Chasing Us?

I have read varying reports on the actual number of embassy's and consulates that have been closed for August ranging from 19 to 22. No matter because it is still an unprecedented move. If Al-Qaeda is on the run, then why do we have to run from them? Oh, that's right, because they are running after us full steam ahead. The asshole in charge can't even keep his own people happy. He is such an imbecile that even the muslimes he so clearly loves aren't happy with him.

I would just like to ask, when exactly, has Al-Qaeda ever given a specific threat? They are rats and squealing little pigs that attack and then stick their filthy head up out of a hole to say they did it. These little sheet heads only hate America because it is a Christian Nation and they hate Israel because it is Jewish. It is now and always has been, about religion. They threaten and do kill anyone who slanders their precious child molesting prophet, all the while bashing the true God. Even Obammy says that the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet Muhammad.

He refuses to even acknowledge that there is such a thing as radical Islam. And the Ft. Hood shooter was nothing more than a case of workplace violence. Which effectively keeps the benefits out of the hands and pockets of the survivors and the victims families.

This whiny, sniveling, underside of a fish belly idiot in chief is NOT a leader. He couldn't lead an army of ants to an unattended picnic 3 feet away. Born to a white whore of a mother, in Kenya, and raised by communist grandparents. Know why your momma died of ovarian cancer, Barry? Because when you sleep with nasty Kenyan Marxists, then your insides start to rot away. Rotting and disease ridden is where you came from. It's no wonder that you are a plague upon humanity. It's the dream of your father to be so. So, if you had a dad, would he look like Obama, Sr.? Yes, I suppose he would.


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