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Monday, August 19, 2013

San Antonio Has A New Game... Pendejo, Pendejo, Fajino

Forget about duck, duck, goose... The members of San Antonio's "elite" have decided that anyone who is against gays in any way are not eligible to run for city office... ever. City Councilwoman Elisa Chan is now being "asked" to step down from her position after one of her former aides recorded a private conversation and then "leaked" it to the press.

In the conversation, Chan stated that gay individuals are “disgusting". And now of course the entire LGBT cesspool has to be heard. They are, of course, outraged. It would do me no good to ever serve on a city council in any way. I would have the left so pissed at me each and every day. As of yet, Ms. Chan has remained silent on the issue. What she needs to be doing is speaking out. Yelling at the top of her lungs concerning how the left uses the things we say in private to destroy us in public. If we start saying those things out loud, then we have effectively removed their ammo. Then they will just go back to calling us all racists and homophobes. So what! Homophobe is such a stupid word. It means, literally, fear of the same. I do not fear those like me. (And I am certainly not afraid of some two bit piece of crap faggot or dyke.)

If she just slinks away while she has been given a platform for her voice to be heard, then she doesn't deserve to sit on that council anyway. Now is her chance, while the ears of the nation are listening, to come out fighting. Stand your ground, Ms. Chan. You might find yourself surprised at how many actually support you. The ball is effectively in your court. Now smack it back right into their self-righteous, filth laden mouth.

Looks like those who serve in San Antonio will either have to be a pendejo or a fajino. No other way around it until they are eradicated like the plague they are.


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