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Sunday, August 11, 2013

I Am Proud To Be A Traitor To America?

‘The Real Disneyland’: New Video Tries to Recruit Somali Americans in Minnesota for Jihad

There is a new terrorist recruiting video on YouTube that is aimed towards young Somali-Americans in Minnesota. It seeks to recruit them to the Middle East to wage Jihad on "infidel forces". From WCCO-TV:

Even before the video was posted online on Wednesday, more than two-dozen young Somali-Americans from the Twin Cities had already been lured to overseas terrorist training camps.
that Al-Shabab is believed to be behind the video, which shows images from the streets of Minnesota, graphic photos of dead Muslim children, and U.S. forces operating in the Middle East.
It also shows jihadis in military fatigues lined up in formation marching next to the black Al Qaeda flag.

“It is troubling, because it uses the medium of video to romanticize what it is to go to Somalia and fight,” FBI spokesman Kyle Loven told WCCO. “And it’s appealing, unfortunately, to some young men here in Minneapolis.”
Federal law enforcement officials for at least seven years have been investigating the so-called “terrorist pipeline” from Minnesota to Middle Eastern jihadi training camps. The Twin Cities have the largest population of Somali-Americans in the U.S., earning one Minneapolis neighborhood the monicker  “Little Mogadishu.”
WCCO reported that the Arabic-language video follows three men, Dahir Gure, Muhammad Al Amriki and Mohamud Hassan as they travel from the Twin Cities to Somali training camps who despite their American education decided to pursue jihad where they eventually met their deaths: 

This should be all the Fed needs to wipe these assholes out. It's called treason and people used to be held accountable for it. But when we have a (p)Resident that is guilty of high treason and gets away with it, don't count on anyone else who hates America being held accountable either. The only ones who will face treason charges while this chicken turd is in office are American Patriots, who are willing to take a stand against tyranny. I intend to stand. I intend to shout. I intend to win. Why? Because God is on my side and the side of all those who stand for Him and for what is right. As I have said before, I have read the back of the Book so I know how it ends. Not believing won't prevent it from happening, by the way.


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