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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Results Are In....Best Conservative Blogs For 2014

I have been seeing some posts out there that name the top Conservative blogs and to be honest, they are very good blogs, but none of the people that I think really deserve to be on those lists are ever there. So I decided to do my own list of the top Conservative Blogs. Here is my very biased and very partisan list in absolutely no particular order. In my opinion, they should all be given the title of number 1. I highly recommend each of these blogs.

If you know of any others that should be included in this list, let us all know in the comments below and I'll check 'em out. 

Congratulations Bloggers!!!!! You guys ROCK!!!


  1. Don't forget the conservative wife.

  2. I'm honored you'd even consider my scratchings of discontent as material for the top ten.

    Thanks, and you should include yourself in the rankings. Your blog is more than excellent.

    1. Thanks Jess, but I have to say...I thoroughly enjoy your "scratchings"....I always see the bigger blogs named and I always think, yeah, but what about us little guys out here? And I think that us little guys have better blogs than a lot of the bigger ones. In my never humble opinion... :)

  3. How did I miss this post? Thank you! Sorry I didn't notice it earlier. I'm honored and I definitely feel the same way about The Conservative Wife.