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Thursday, April 24, 2014

So America, Too, Is Burning Murdered Babies For Energy

Look at this picture. Look right into his little eyes and tell me he is not human. Tell me that he used to be nothing but a little parasite sucking the life from his host (mother). I get extremely ticked off over the whole, "it's my body and I can do what I want with it" rhetoric. If that were completely true, then I wouldn't be required to wear my seat belt, now would I? If the lefties truly wanted me out of their bedroom, then they can keep me out of their murderous desires.

A few weeks ago, we all learned that little aborted babies were being used to heat furnaces in UK hospitals. How sick and disgusting is that? Now it has come to light that some of those little ones are also being used for energy right here in the Oregon. And how about the story of that low life "model" who has scheduled an abortion because she wants to go on some reality TV show and a baby would ruin her chances for being a star? Here's a thought....keep your legs closed, slut!

I am sickened and completely disgusted by  this. It breaks my heart to think that we are so dependent on "modern" luxuries that we turn a blind eye as to where we get them from. I would rather live by candle light and forego the internet than to have it powered by even one dead child. Here I have been praying for America, just as many others do, and for what? So sick people can continue these abominable practices? Do we really expect God to bless us when these are the things we are doing?

God forgive us....


  1. America’s Moloch Worship – The Abomination of Abortion

  2. Alright, I have held my tongue on this since I first heard about it happening in the U.K. It seems to me that the most of the outrage is stemming from the fact that the aborted fetuses were being burned in an energy producing waste incinerator, not the fact that the babies were aborted in the first place. Isn't aborting an innocent unborn child a more serious wrong-doing than whatever manner was used to dispose of the aborted fetus? As long as abortions are performed, the aborted fetuses must be disposed of in some manner. Would burying them be better? Would cremating them be better? (isn't that essentially what they're doing?) Is the crime of abortion more serious, if the aborted fetus was placed was placed in an energy producing incinerator rather than disposed of in some other fashion? Isn't human tissue about 60% water? I highly doubt if aborted fetuses contribute to energy production anyway. I imagine that the people involved were just doing it for the convenience factor. I know that this is a touchy subject, and I understand why people believe what was once a human being deserves better than to be thrown out with the garbage, but I just think that too many people are overlooking what the most serious of offenses here. If someone killed one of my loved ones, I would be much more troubled by the fact that someone I cared about was killed than how the killer disposed of the body. I also believe that there more references in the Bible to the fact that killing is wrong that there is on the proper way to dispose of dead bodies. What do you think? Do you think that I'm messed up? I just think that we should be focusing our attention on the most serious crime.

    1. Neil, you are right, the murder is the main atrocity. But its just insult on top of injury, these are human beings, not meant to be used like Soylent Green, I know, that was food, but still the same idea. They already use cells from aborted children for stem cell research, why not use them for making glue too?
      I am one of those people who will never ever understand how they can justify infanticide.
      "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" Its the very first one. LIFE, but yet they can find a constitutional right to snuff that life out.

  3. Neil, You are absolutely correct. It disgusts me to think of all those little ones who have returned to God because some "woman" didn't want to be bothered with them. And C. J. is
    correct, is just insult added to injury for them to be utilized in such a way. It just
    breaks my heart. I pick up baby birds and feed kitties and I usually won't even kill a spider, instead shooing it outside....I can't stand the thought of these little ones being murdered.