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Friday, April 4, 2014

The Best Argument Against Raising The Minimum Wage...Share It

With all the talk about raising the minimum wage, there are some things...okay, a lot of things, that people cannot seem to understand. I get it the fact that there are those who work in fast food and are struggling to make ends meet. The opposition to raising minimum wage isn't about greed or meanness. It is about fact. And the fact is, many people will lose their jobs because many small businesses cannot sustain that high of a wage. Many of those businesses will be forced to shut down completely, leaving everyone out of work. Obamacare has already hit hard...this is just another nail in the coffin of America.

The following piece came across my Facebook page and I contacted the author for her permission to re-print. She said yes. Monique Worthy wrote what all of us need to share. She said I could add or subtract to it as I deemed necessary...I don't think it is necessary to change it one bit. She said she originally wrote it for her friends who were for the most part "low information" voters. 

Monique...we all have those friends and God Bless you for speaking out. If more people would and not be so worried that they may offend someone, maybe we wouldn't find our Country where it is today. My hat is off to you.


So, I hear everybody all giddy with joy about the notion of Raising the Minimum Wage. Let me be clear on why this was brought up at this time, why it’s not good for us, and why you should pipe down.

First, it’s 2014. For those that wouldn’t understand the importance of this year let me explain. This is a midterm election year, meaning this year can decide if the House of Representatives will swing back democrat or get an even higher number of republicans. It also determines if the Senate will stay Democrat or swing back Republican. So, to turn its base out (by base I mean the main voters of their party) the Democrats has had this sort of way of using “shiny” objects to catch your attention (but only for election years), to turn you out to vote for them, this year it happens to be minimum wage. But, ask yourselves this… If they wanted minimum wage to be raised why did they wait til now to even discuss it? Why to 10.10\hr? Why didn’t they just raise it when they had the House, Senate and the Presidency in 2008-2010? (Here’s a hint: because they were in power then, so they didn’t need to dangle a shiny object to get you to vote) and also why stop at 10.10? Why not 15? 20?.

This is how skillful the Democrats have come at pulling the wool over its voter’s eyes: First, they know that most of their base doesn’t follow politics let alone watch important events going on in the world aka the news. I happen to know this myself that a lot of my friends and family don’t much follow politics-mostly until the presidential elections. (no offense to anyone) I mean it’s just natural that you will have some that do and some that don’t… But, anyway they know that most of us just catch “headlines” don’t wait to read the article. First thing we see is the headline and go off of that. So, they put this big headline out there of “Raising the Minimum wage” now, what you will see if you do catch a glimpse of the news is mainly this: Republicans against but, DEMOCRATS IS FOR, raising the minimum wage, and that’s not uncommon because what they do is make it seem like these mean republicans are against poor people by doing so and the democrats are the champions of wanting to do stuff like this, then you hear it’s a “living wage” thing. Well, what you don’t hear is a clear argument as to why Republicans are against this and let me explain why…

When Democrats speak of raising minimum wage they don’t tell you the “unintended consequences”. Think about it, they claim times are hard for middle and low income families but they don’t explain why. They don’t explain to you how their high taxing, their regulating is the prime reason why middle and low income families cant afford much of anything else besides rent and bills… So, let me just say that when you raise the minimum wage that doesn’t help one bit. Because, telling an employer that they HAVE to by decree of the government raise their minimum pay wage from what it is now to what they want it to be instead of letting the market decide you will get,
1: higher prices of goods.
2: Lower working hours.
3: Your rent is going up.
4: your bills going up.
5: employers will do less hiring and more firing.

Why? Because, the money has to come from somewhere. Most of us won’t understand this because we never owned a business or had to employ people before.

So, when they raise this minimum wage, if they do so, you can expect your rent to get higher, your bills to get a bit more expensive, and your hours to be cut back (unless your salaried) so, the sound of raising the minimum wage sounds good it does. But, what are you getting for that extra 3$? NOTHING, you’re getting less then what you got for that 7.25. Do yall remember when lil Debbie cakes used to be .25 cents? (disclaimer: Im a big girl lol) I do… now they close to a dollar. And in some cases they are a dollar. So, what I’m saying is the government can’t dictate to a business what they should pay their employee… that is for the employees and the market to do. When we spend more, more demand is created, when more demand is created, more jobs are created, when more jobs are created, more money is flowing around, when more money is flowing around it all just repeats again. But, when the government steps in with that heavy fist and says for Example: Wal-Mart you need to pay your employees 10 dollars an hour! All of them, Oh, and pay for their healthcare and still pay us (taxes) and your bills… what do you think Wal-Mart is going to do? Wal-Mart is going to either shut down, move to another country(or out sourcing aka sending our jobs overseas), raise the prices of what it is selling, cut back on employees hours and or just freeze their hiring. So, after reading this, if you read it do you still think raising the minimum wage is such a good thing?...



  1. All great points and true. She hits it out of the park with " First, they know that most of their base doesn’t follow politics let alone watch important events going on in the world aka the news." And there you have it. LOW INFORMATION VOTERS. They are like a loaded gun in the hand of a toddler.
    Another reason Barry the Kenyan is pushing this, is he knows a lot of people are angry over the increase in costs for their health care because of HIM. So this is just another way for him to pass the buck to somebody else. " Its not my fault you do not have enough money to pay for your health insurance that I will fine you for if you don't buy, its your greedy bosses who won't pay you a livable wage. Plus get rid of your cable and cell phone and you will be fine." Hard to believe that 40% of the population still supports this criminal.

    1. I know...I read it and immediately sent her a message on Facebook asking if I could post it. Every word is so true.

  2. When the cost of fuel goes up, people can make the connection of increased costs.

    Somehow, that logic is unavailable when an increased minimum wage is demanded.

    1. Because like the writer said...they dangle something shiny in front of them and all they can see is the new "object" the government is giving them. They make no connection because most have never been in a position to have to lose so much of what they earn in order for someone else to have it. As long as they are the ones on the receiving end...they don't care. Put them on the other side and all hell would break loose.

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