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Monday, April 21, 2014

Obama Accused Of Severe Violation Of U.S. Code 43 U.S.C. Section 1733, Subsection C

Representative Steve Stockman from my lovely State of Texas has just sent Obama a letter in which he cites the severe violations that the Federal Government has committed against Cliven Bundy in Nevada. The Feds have shot cows, even used many as target practice...(where is PETA?) They have intimidated and threatened and bullied....on par for the course of this lawless administration. 

But what they did not count on was an awake American People. Seems that has always been the downfall of tyrants. Just as Japan and be sure and ask Hitler, too. And when the dust sure and ask Obama from his jail cell....

Here is the letter from Mr. Stockman:


  1. While I respect Rep. Stockman (and wish he was my US Rep. instead of my mayor's twin brother) - the first sentence in the statute he quotes will be used as a pretext for the feds to NOT ask for assistance. They will maintain that it is under total control by the rangers (never mind that there were US Park Police on site - seriously? - that is a US Park?). There is NO way that the feds will admit that they 'need' any help, and especially from the local sheriff (even if he is a supporter of dingyharry).

    1. At least it's this point, I'll take anything that exposes these crooks....There is a straw somewhere that is going to break their camels back.