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Monday, October 7, 2013

Your Community Needs You

Over the weekend, I was looking through Craigslist in their free section. We are looking for a dwarf pygmy goat to join our herd and sometimes people are giving them away. I came across this ad from someone who gives away a free day of labor. Whatever someone might need done around their home from cooking, cleaning and shopping to light construction work, this Gentleman gives away his time and labor roughly three times per month. I shot him an email telling him that he was doing a wonderful thing for those who can't do on their own. Sometimes, the little old lady down the street is all alone and can't afford someone to mow her grass or maybe the elderly gentleman has no way of going to pick up his medication or even get to the grocery store. He said he does this one day out of every ten as a way of tithing. This is what you call a love offering for God. It is wonderful.

It got me thinking, though. What if everyone did something like this? Right now America is in a sorry state. Too many people are running around with their hand stuck out and people are tired of filling it. We forget to look and see those around us who are in need but don't have their hand stuck out for someone to come along and fill it with a free phone or whatever. Sometimes, people need a hand UP... not a hand OUT. Think of how incredible it would be to help a neighbor out just because. I know I intend to start doing this with whatever minute skills I have. I can cook a meal or clean a house. I can mow the yard and I am also pretty good at removing barb wire fencing and T-posts. (Just don't ask me to put up new fencing)

The point is, there are things that I myself can do for others and I know there are things you can do as well. It doesn't take too much time and little effort out of our lives to do something positive for someone else. Is there trash on your road or street? Maybe take a day and pick it up. That helps out everyone. I know we are busy and we have hectic lives. Get the kids involved and teach them the value of helping others. Kids learn by example. Set that example for them. Come on America, let's get out there and help someone!


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