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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Watch Live: ‘Help Fix Up D.C.’ Event

American Patriots. No one throwing trash around or defecating in the street like Occupy pigs. Just Americans who love this Country, doing what they can to help her in a time of serious distress. I have a question for lurking libtards and those of you who visit my blog trying to find something against me… What exactly are YOU doing for this Country? Do you sit on your butt and expect people to put something in your hand? Do you help in any way to bring America back to her feet or do you just expect someone else to do it for you? If you aren’t helping in anything other than promoting Obuttheads agenda, then you are a huge part of the problem and I, for one, have no use for you. America has no use for you. For those of you who visit this blog because you care about the state of our Nation and our world… God bless you. We will win this battle. What liberals fail to realize is that we are fighting even for them. So that their healthcare cost is not exorbitantly high and that should they get sick, there will be no death panel IRS agent deciding if they live or die. This is no longer a Democrat vs. Republican political agenda. This is about Americans. We need to get rid of these people now while we are still able. Republicans no longer represent me. Democrats never did. I am an American! I love my Country! I’ve no use for anyone who feels differently.

The Blaze:

On Saturday morning, Glenn Beck joined forces with FreedomWorks and the Tea Party Patriots in a day of service to help “Fix Up D.C.”

Watch Live: Help Fix Up D.C. Event With Glenn Beck, FreedomWorks, Tea Party Patriots

(Photo: TheBlaze)

Inspired by Chris Cox, a South Carolina native who has been cleaning up the National Mall amid the partial government shutdown — mowing the lawns, taking out the trash, and keeping it from falling into a disgraceful state — Beck told his listeners on Friday: “This is not a political rally, this is a workday … Grab your garbage bags and let’s go. And we’ll just help this guy keep the Mall clean.”

Beck is scheduled to speak at the event at 10:45, directly following Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah).  But Beck explained on radio Friday that the speeches will be brief, and the purpose of the event is to come out and serve with your family and friends.


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