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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Glenn Beck Irate Over Leaked Boehner Office Emails: ‘Defund the GOP’

This should come as no surprise. We have known for a while now that Boo Hoo Boehner has been in bed with the Dem's. They don't want Obamacare for themselves but they sure as hell want everyone else to have it. Write and call the GOP and tell them, just like Beck says, that we are defunding the GOP until people like Boehner retire. No more John Cornyn, no more McCain, no more Graham, and no more any of them that side with the libtards! ANYONE who consorts with Harry Reid on anything has got to go! These people are ruining America. We The People need to stand up and fight. It is time to stop worrying about that favorite TV show or what outfit we are going to wear to some event. While Americans run around blissfully ignorant of what is going on in our Country, these people are deciding everything for us. It won't be long before they decide what you watch and what you wear. If we don't take care of this now, we will never be able to.

From The Blaze:

Glenn Beck was incensed Wednesday over reports of leaked emails that indicated House Speaker John Boehner coordinated with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to exempt Congress from Obamacare.

This is John Boehner. This is your speaker of the House … this is exactly what we’ve been saying they are doing,” Beck said with disgust on radio. “They are making special deals behind closed doors. They are one part and parcel with the Democratic Party. They are in bed with them and they are lying to you.”

Beck urged his audience to call the Republican Party and say they won’t contribute “another cent” to the party at large.

“Individual politicians, you bet,” he added. “But here’s how you do it. You go find people like (Texas Congressman) Louie Gohmert. There’s no reason why we have somebody like (Texas Sen.) John Cornyn. No reason why we have him in Texas. None…This next election needs to be the last election for these kind of people.  They all need to be kicked out.”

Glenn Beck Irate Over Leaked John Boehner Emails: Defund the GOP

TheBlaze TV

Beck said he wants to make it “very, very clear” that he is not a Republican, and went so far as to urge his audience to use the Twitter hashtag #DefundtheGOP.

“Tea Party, they have said that you are just a GOP shill. They also say that you are nothing but anarchists. I tell you now, I am neither of those,” Beck declared. “I am for hope and change. I am for transparency. I am for somebody saying what they actually mean. I’m saying I am for somebody going to Washington and fighting against this system in their own party, and across the aisle and linking arms with anyone on any side that wants the same.”

“I guarantee John Boehner would step down today - today – if the big donors would actually come to the plate and say, I’ve given my last dime to the Republican Party,” he added. “Until John Boehner steps down, steps down … not as speaker of the House. Steps down, resigns. Until that happens, you don’t get a dime from me.”

He proceeded to urge “everybody who has ever given any money” to do the same.

“Otherwise, I can tell you your future,” Beck said. “If you don’t come off of this road now, you are going to have a GOP that is just like the Democrats. And you will continue to get the choices … (but) that choice will then be Chris Christie or Hilary Clinton. Which one you want? … I don’t want either of them.”

Beck said the time to create that “real choice” is right now, and once again urged his audience to contact the GOP and their elected officials.

You are a steward of your money,” he said. “You are supposed to do the right thing. Do you really believe giving your money to the GOP and to John Cornyn and to John Boehner, to have them decide who is going to protect the Republic’s freedom, do you really think (that’s best)? I ask you to pray on it … not a dime from me #defundtheGOP.”

Complimentary Clip from TheBlaze TV

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