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Monday, October 7, 2013

Maybe Obama Was Born In America

We all know there are no shortages of conspiracy theories concerning Obama and where he was born. I have read articles, with fairly convincing evidence, that he is Frank Marshall Davis' son and also, that he was born in Kansas. There is a lady by the name of Linda Joy Adams who swears Obama was born in Kansas at Forbes Air Force Base. She claims to be his third cousin. I have read her blog and the typos are so bad, it is almost impossible to get through. I just set it aside in my mind but over the weekend, I read an article from Wayne Allyn Root who went through Columbia College with Obama. He was there the exact years and in the exact classes as Obama, yet he never once saw him there. Aside from that, Mr. Root puts forth a very interesting theory. He says that Obama was born in America but lied about being a foreign exchange student in order to get in to Columbia from Occidental.

Through Obama's own writing, he admits that he rarely showed up for classes at Occidental and his grades were poor. He did enjoy smoking weed and going to socialist parties. His own words. So how could he gain access to a prestigious college like Columbia? By being a foreign exchange student. It is also no secret that Obama used to always try to be something he wasn't. In school in Hawaii, one of his teachers said he walked in and told the class that he was a Prince from India. He has always fantasized about being someone he's not. Someone important. Even now, he fantasizes about being President of the United States. His fantasy has proved to be a very real night mare for America.

The link to the article from Wayne Allyn Root is here:

Now, if this is true and Obama was born in Kansas and lied about being a foreign exchange student in order to gain access to Columbia and Harvard, then he has committed a felony and faces prison. If he was born in Kenya, then he has committed a felony and faces prison. It is imperative that he keep his records sealed. He is in hot water if they ever come out either way it goes. He has had to create a virtual sea of lies to cover up the lies he has told. It is a never ending web of deceit.

Before It's News also talks about Linda Joy Adams. You can link to her blog from there.

She claims that not only was Obama born in Kansas, but that his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham went to school there. It is also interesting that not long ago, the records department of the school burned to the ground. I don't know what is true and what isn't anymore when it comes to Obama. And when the lines of truth and fiction blur that much, it is time to remove him from office. Aren't there any hackers out there that could get his records? Whatever happened to Anonymous? It is frustrating for sure but we need to get those records. They are the key to exposing who the real Barack Hussein Obama is. Born here or not, he is a fraud ans a charlatan and he needs to go. I'm going to be doing some research on how we as United Americans can force his records unsealed. Maybe a class action lawsuit is in order. We could sue for defamation and libel for being called terrorists and anarchists. That would open up the line for discovery. There are many things that can be found during discovery. Just an option, but we need to do something.


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