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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Part 4 Series: Who Is Barack Hussein Obama, II?

Part 4 in a series to delve deeper into who Obama is by learning who the people are that shaped his life. Who were the people that raised and mentored him? And just WHO is Barack Hussein Obama, II?

Stanley Ann Dunham

It would seem that the controversy begins early for Barack Obama. Not only are there questions surrounding his birth, but his mother’s as well. Wikipedia has Ann Dunham listed as being born on November 29, 1942 in Wichita, Kansas, yet has her listed as being born on the same day in Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas. There are 200 miles between these two places. Where exactly she was born may not be immediately clear, but she was, in fact, born an only child to Stanley Armour Dunham and Madelyn Lee Payne.

Ann Dunham spent her early years in Kansas and then to Mercer Island, Washington and then later to Hawaii. During her time in Washington, classmates have described her as a “full-fledged radical leftist”. Classmate Susan Blake has stated that Ann was someone who “never dated white boys”. This is obvious. She liked not only dark skinned men, but men of Muslim faith.

In the book written by Frank Davis, “Sex Rebel: Black”, Davis tracked his own life and stated that even though the names were changed; the incidences were from actual experiences. He knew the Dunham’s in Kansas, and in Washington, and then again in Hawaii. He describes in his book events concerning “swinging” with a couple from Seattle. Mercer Island is a suburb of Seattle. He also writes about having sex with a 13 year old girl named “Anne”. Ann Dunham still went by Stanley at this time. She didn’t go by Ann until she turned 18. The Dunham’s moved to Mercer Island in 1956. Since Ann was born in 1942, that would make her still 13 when school started as she wouldn’t turn 14 until November. This alludes to her being the 13 year old girl in Frank Marshall Davis’ book concerning sex with a 13 year old girl.

There are also photos of Ann posing in Davis’ home in nude and semi-nude poses in 1960. One of the sofas that Ann is posing on has been matched as the same room and sofa seen in a different photo of Davis sitting on that same sofa. 1960 is also the same year that Obama was conceived. The family then moved with their daughter to Hawaii. Davis soon followed.

Ann purportedly met Obama, Sr. in a Russian class while enrolled at the University of Hawaii and the two “fell in love”, conceived little Barry and then lived happily ever after…separately? That’s right, the “happy” couple never lived together. Obama, Sr. had a wife and a couple of kids back in Kenya. He was also looking to get his doctorates degree in America. Ann also had her sights focused on education.

According to Obama’s “official” biography, Ann became pregnant with him in November of 1960, the same time period she was posing for pornographic pictures for Davis, and then married Sr. in February of 1961, when she was about 3 months along. And here the dates and birth of Obama, Jr. again become fuddled.
“Official” records show that Ann gave birth to Obama in Honolulu in August of 1961 but official records from the University of Washington show her to be enrolled in classes there; some 2,680 miles away. See, on September 26, 1960, Ann started classes at the University of Hawaii, some six weeks late. One month later in October of 1960, she conceived. Two months later, she dropped out of the University of Hawaii. In February of 1961, she supposedly married Obama, Sr. and then in August of 1961, she was back in Washington attending classes at the University of Washington. The dates are off according to what we have been told by the media and by Obama himself. But the actual school records of Ann tell a different story.
Most likely, Ann became pregnant in 1960 in Seattle, Washington by black liberal activist, Frank Marshall Davis. In 1960, pregnant unmarried girls and their children suffered penalties. Yes, penalties that ranged from confinement in isolated maternity homes to parental rejection and certainly there was disapproval in the community. Being illegitimate meant you were going to be shamed and pretty much shunned. The unwed mothers were labeled as immoral and loose. Also, segregation did not end in America until 1965. 4 years after Obama’s birth. A mixed race child would have faced these issues. Laws against interracial marriage and interracial sex existed in several US States until a Supreme Court decision in 1967.

However, in Hawaii, white people were the minority in the ‘60’s. A mixed race child would be accepted. Even Obama, Sr. acknowledged the absence of racial prejudice in Hawaii. In a 1959 interview with the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, he described Hawaii as “unique”.

“No one seems to be conscious of color.” He thought it “rather strange … even rather amusing, to see Caucasians discriminated against here.”

In the early 1960’s, there were very few black people in Honolulu and Obama, Sr. was the only black man from Africa there. Obama, Sr., it is known through his records for applications for foreign monetary aid, did not have much money. It is plausible to think that he was paid to become the bastard child’s father in name only. That would explain how he was able to then leave for Cambridge, Massachusetts to begin studies at Harvard. Also, in the Kenyan community, being polygamous enhanced ones status and symbolized a wealthy man. His name on the birth certificate would legitimize the birth as well as conceal the name of the true father, Frank Marshall Davis, who was already married in the states.

Ann then left her days old newborn son in the care of her parents while she went off into the world to get her education. She helped stir tensions with socialists, communists, civil rights and defense organizations including the Nation of Islam and the Black Panther Party, all of which were beginning to boil over in Seattle during that time.

Ann returned to Hawaii in April of 1963, after Obama, Sr. had already departed for Harvard. She again enrolled at the University of Hawaii where she earned a degree in anthropology. She met her second “husband”, Lolo Soetoro in yet another Russian class and married the Indonesian in 1967. I find it interesting that although there is no marriage certificate available for the 1961 marriage to Obama, Sr., there is a divorce decree. Yet, there is a document that the left has been using to prove that she was indeed married to Sr. An entry in the Hawaii Department of Health public marriage index shows her two marriages. You can see clearly that Stanley Ann Dunham is listed twice with both Obama, Sr. and Lolo Soetoro. But look at the date. It is the marriage index between 1960 and 1965. How could Lolo Soetoro be listed here is they were not married until 1967? If part of the document is false, then how can you trust the entire thing?

But a divorce was filed in 1964 from Sr. Perhaps she didn’t want anything to hinder her marriage and subsequent trip to Indonesia as a married woman, so she got a “divorce”.

Later in the year, Ann, Jr. and Lolo moved to Jakarta, Indonesia. In 1970, Ann gave birth to Maya. In 1974, Ann, Jr. and Maya returned to Hawaii where she again enrolled in classes at the University there. Three years later in 1977, she returned to Indonesia with Maya but left Jr. behind with her parents once again. She divorced Soetoro in 1980.

Ann died of ovarian cancer in 1995. She was an atheist and a communist, Marxist socialist, just as her parents had been and just as the men she chose to be in her life had been. How could her son be anything but?

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A commentor on this post brought it to my attention that Ann Dunham and Lolo Soetoro were married in 1965 and not 1967. This prompted me to dig deeper to see what I could find on that as I do not want to give false or misleading information. I did find Dunham and Obama, Sr's. divorce decree. There is a page missing from the file that I believe concerns the custody of Barry. The date Ann filed for divorce is January 20, 1964 and the divorce was final on March 20, 1964. It is important that I note here, that even Obama, Jr. himself raises the question as to the bona-fide of the marriage. On page 22 of his book, "Dreams from My Father" Obama states:

"In fact, how and when the marriage occurred remains a bit murky, a bill of particulars that I've never quite had the courage to explore. There's no record of a real wedding, a cake, a ring, a giving away of the bride. No families were in attendance; it's not even clear that people back in Kansas were fully informed. Just a small civil ceremony, a justice of the peace. The whole thing seems so fragile in retrospect, so haphazard."
Also, the court documents show that Ann lied when she filed for this divorce. Look at this page:

It says, the Libellant, being Ann, is now and for more than 2 years past has been a resident of Honolulu, Hawaii. This is not true. Ann had been living in Seattle, Washington and only returned to Hawaii in January of 1963. That is not the 2 year requirement. My source for this is Wikipedia. 
I figured that since all of this debate came about with the commentor using Wikipedia as their reference, then I would, too. See, I argued that Wikipedia is not a reliable source for information as it can be changed by anyone. This person insisted so I am now using their own rope to tie all this together. (I have found other sources that confirm this date) So Ann could not have been a resident of Hawaii for the 2 years required to file for this divorce. 

Also, I have found a very interesting document. It is an application for a passport filed by Ann Dunham. It clearly shows the date of her marriage to Lolo Soetoro. That date is March 5, 1964. So I was wrong about 1967. Here is that document:
You can see where it asks about the date of last marriage in the middle of the document to the right of Ann's picture. That date is, March 5, 1964. So how could Ann have married Soetoro on March 5, 1964 and yet not have a finalized divorce from Obama, Sr. until March 20, 1964?

Here is the link to the documents in full:

I am still researching this. If Ann married Soetoro before she was legally divorced from Obama, then she is a bigamist and the marriage would have been illegal. But perhaps her so called marriage to Obama wasn't even legal, either as he already had a wife and 2 kids back in Kenya.

This is an ever on-going investigation and I am sure I will have to update several times. I apologize for this but with such a corrupt and deceitful president, what can one expect?


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