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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Beauty Of Liberal Tears

The web is alive today with liberal BS. They are in a panic. What will happen to the world now that Republicans have swept them out of power in the house, the senate and in a large number of governorship's across America? They whine. They cry. Nothing new under the sun. They did that BEFORE the election. Celebrities are really taking it hard. Bette Midler tweeted:

Well, we can look forward to: unregulated banks, no health care, filthy air and oceans, and WAR, WAR AND MORE WAR. Thanks, folks!


  1. Lets see, W Bush gave us the Patriot act and the Dept of Homeland Security which gave us the TSA. BOTH the dems and the R's voted to renew the patriot act, aka NSA spying. The Republican leadership WANTS Amnesty. I EFFING guarantee you they will do nothing to repeal Obamacare. Sure, they will throw a bone or two to us peasants that voted them in but that is only because they are looking to the next election. The French republicans are already talking about reaching across the aisle. If they were serious about change, and they are not, they would as soon as they took power convene impeachment hearings against this evil regime, but they will try to get along. Because all they care about is power, not the people. Say this was Nazi Germany and by some miracle the opposition got control of the parliament, and they said they would try to work with Hitler would that give you reason to doubt their sincerity? You don't try to get along with evil, you try to bring it down and destroy it, otherwise they are just as bad.