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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

CNN, Huffington Post Accused of Recruiting for Ferguson Riots


Both Huffington Post and CNN posted tweets and stories showing readers where to go to attend the Ferguson protests being planned in cities across the nation. But readers were less than appreciative and charged the two news sites with joining the protesters, advertising for them, and even inciting the riots.

On Monday, CNN posted a story and map of the protests, bringing scorn upon itself. Huffington Post was even worse by advertising "how to find a Ferguson protest in your area."

Fans of both news services were incensed at this breach of journalistic practice. Readers criticized the news outlets, saying that instead of being reporters, HuffPo and CNN were joining forces with the protesters and helping them plan and populate their demonstrations.

One Twitter user replied to the Huffington Post tweet, scolding HuffPo for its hate. "Stop promoting hate!!! Enough is enough," @BluezBayou tweeted.

Others accused HuffPo of "fueling the fire" and aiding in race-baiting.

One tweet was particularly accusatory. @bearsandfords replied to HuffPo saying, "Wow inciting violence!! Is that what you call journalism???? You should be totally ashamed!!!"

Readers of CNN had similar reactions, accusing CNN of giving protesters a guide to rioting and breaking away from its role as journalists and edging into activism.

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CNN, Huffington Post Accused of Recruiting for Ferguson Riots
Wed, 26 Nov 2014 04:34:49 GMT


  1. If I owned property destroyed in Ferguson, the law firm that takes care of my legal problems would have a substantial amount of money to make on a suit enjoining the media outlets that obviously helped increase the violence. I think we'd win, or gain a substantial settlement.

    1. They should all be jailed for inciting riots. The media, Obama, Sharpton, Brown's parents...the list goes on and on. It is pathetic that the dregs get to act however they want and it is excused because of emotion. I have plenty of hot emotion and I guarantee I wouldn't get away with this crap.