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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Conservative White Woman's Take On Ferguson

As a nation, we have waited on seemingly baited breath to learn the fate of Officer Darin Wilson after he shot and killed 18 yr. old Mike Brown in Ferguson, MO. We as a nation also watched the very dregs of our society as they ranted and raved, looted and burned their own community in their so called outrage. It reminded me so very much of Katrina, when the citizens of New Orleans began looting because what better time to get that big screen TV then when you not only have a flooded house, but no electricity to boot?

To the Ferguson "protesters", I say this. You are acting like a bunch of animals. You don't really care about Mike Brown. It's just another opportunity for you to cause trouble and take to the streets to steal and destroy. You are a plague upon yourself and the rest of America. Even those businesses that had signs in the windows supporting you and Mike Brown, you still chose to steal and destroy. So your argument about this being about justice for Brown is false.

You are nothing but the bottom of the barrel of American society. The "committeewoman" pictured above with Sean Hannity...I don't know your name and refuse to look it up, but I watched last night as you made an ass of yourself in front of the world. If Ferguson has people like you in places of "power", no matter how slight, then you can expect to look like Detroit in a short amount of time. 

The reason your neighborhoods are corroding is because of yourself. The white man has nothing to do with it. If Mike Brown had killed Officer Wilson, not a peep would have been heard from you. You sit down and shut up about the fact that there is MORE black on white crime than there is white on black. The statistics prove it. The statistics also prove that more blacks are killed by other blacks then any other race. More blacks are in prison and more blacks commit crimes. And it has nothing to do with the white man. That is all on you. You built that legacy for yourselves by participating in the very behavior that we have all seen in Ferguson.

No. The white man has nothing to do with your own moral lacking. If you were given an upper class subdivision to live in, you would have it turned into a ghetto in a matter of days. You aren't forced to live in the filth you is what you choose for yourselves.

So pull up your damned pants, quit stealing everything you can get your filthy hands on, and build a community you can be proud of. As it stands now, the world has no respect for you and it won't be forthcoming as long as you act the way you do.

And one more thing....and this is for everyone of every color. Don't attack a police officer if you don't want to end up dead. It's a little thing I like to call the theory of "Duh". 


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