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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

**Live Media Updates** CNN Hides Crucial Facts From Viewers


Monday night the American Left looted and burned in Ferguson, Missouri. Tuesday morning the same American Media that stoked that violence is now licking wounds received with the revelation that the American criminal justice system runs on facts and science, and not Don Lemon's feelings. Here's how a bitterly disappointed media behaved the day after.

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9:29 am - Salon Declares Ferguson Facts 'Sick'

I'm proud to say I'm listed twice. 

Ferguson Verdict Explodes Media's Lying Racial Narrative via @BreitbartNews the media should rebuild the businesses

— Samuel Khan (@SamuelKhan) November 25, 2014


9:19 am - In the Obvious Hope of Keeping the Violence Going, CNN Hides Two Crucial Facts

CNN is desperate to keep their black vs. white Narrative alive and to keep the violence going. 

How else to explain why CNN is creating a He Said/They Said narrative that pits Darren Wilson's testimony against the eyewitnesses who claim a gentle giant was shot down by a racist cop in cold blood, in broad daylight, in the middle of a street located in a predominantly black neighborhood. 

What CNN doesn't want its viewers to know is that a number of black witnesses back up Wilson's testimony that Michael Brown charged him in the street. 

CNN also isn't telling its audience that the prosecutor who oversaw the grand jury is a Democrat. 

9:06 am - What CNN's Alisyn Camerota Doesn't Understand About Facial Injuries

Earlier this morning CNN's Alisyn Camerota openly questioned just how injured Darren Wilson really was. She found it odd that photos taken of Wilson right after the altercation didn't show him bleeding. 

In reality, it's not odd at all. During a boxing match fighters are sometimes punched in the face hundreds of times over 12 rounds without spurting blood. Bruising takes hours to reveal themselves. The photos show Wilson with a swollen face. This is perfectly consistent with Wilson's version of events. 

This is just another example of the mindless speculation taking place in the elite media to protect a Narrative that fell completely apart with the grand jury verdict. 

Naturally, this kind of conspiracy-mongering also gins up the rioters against the predominantly black working class suffering through all of this in Ferguson. 

9:00 am - CNN Analyst Declares Darren Wilson's Testimony 'Fanciful'

CNN legal analyst called Darren Wilson's grand jury testimony "fanciful," but had no evidence to back up that claim. Van Jones then said Wilson's testimony wouldn't hold up in Hollywood. Hostin and Jones then attacked the prosecutor as corrupt and dishonest. Again, none of this conjecture is backed up by any analysis or or evidence. 

This is CNN stoking violence and more riots. Jeff Zucker didn't get his verdict so he wants his horrific video of black businesses being burnt to the ground. 

Back in the studio, Alisyn Camerota declared Wilson's testimony cartoonish. 

8:53 am - The Mt. Rushmore of Media Failure

This is what the media looks like the day after their plans to lynch an innocent police officer collapse at the hands of everyday Americans who put facts over feelings:

The Mt. Rushmore of media failure. Gorgeous, no?

— John Nolte (@NolteNC) November 25, 2014

8:43 am - CNN's Don Lemon Blames Riots on Political Correctness

CNN's Don Lemon, of all people, is upset that political correctness allowed the riots to happen. Too much sensitivity, he says, too much concern over offending someone. Van Jones argued with him, "The vast majority of people were trying to be peaceful." Lemon pushed back, "That's not true. That's not true. The social bloggers and videographers were the people looting and burning down buildings."

Lemon, of course, doesn’t have the moral courage to blame his profession and network for fomenting violence through the furthering of a false black victim vs. white cop narrative that proved to be completely false.

If anyone, without knowing all the facts, referred to Michael Brown as a Gentle Giant more than Don Lemon, I am unaware of it. 

John Nolte on Twitter @NolteNC

**Live Media Updates** CNN Hides Crucial Facts From Viewers
Tue, 25 Nov 2014 13:32:00 GMT


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