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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Was Michael Hastings Murdered Because Of His Report On Bergdahl?

Michael Hastings

On June 18, 2013, Rolling Stone Magazine journalist, Michael Hastings, died in a fiery car crash in Los Angeles. The circumstances surrounding the crash have raised many questions and it has become obvious that it was no accident. He was hit. Reports claimed that Hastings was speeding when he lost control of his mercedes and slammed into a tree which caused the car to burst into flames. But no one is talking about the fact that the engine from his car was found about 130' away from the wreck. See the photo here:


But his car is shown sitting beside the tree, not smashed into it:


And the view from the other side?


Now, I am certainly no expert in car crashes, but I am also not stupid. Cars that crash head on into trees and burst into magnificent flames do not have their front ends intact. Period. It has also been reported that Michael Hastings was the target of an FBI investigation. And now I have found documents that were released because of an FOIA request concerning Hastings. But the interesting part of this is that the redacted documents also point to Bowe Bergdahl, the traitor that Obama just released 5 Taliban terrorists for. Here are the redacted documents:

It is clear from the redacted documents that the FBI was very interested in the article written by Hastings concerning Bergdahl. The entire article from 2012 can be found here:

 Is this the reason Hastings was murdered? Everything this administration does has some ulterior motive hidden within it somewhere. And they all tie together in some fashion. 

I believe that all the pieces are beginning to fall into place and that Obama is going to go down in flames over this one. The world has watched intently and his bold lies are catching up to him. He has succeeded in ticking off the very democrats who support him over this "prisoner swap". Even Diane Feinstein is more than a little perturbed by this. When Obama tried to trade the same 5 in 2012 for Bergdahl, those on both sides of the aisle, including Clapper and Feinstein gave a resounding "NO". Obama just decided he would do what he wanted anyway...and he did. But at what cost? His chickens are surely coming home to roost.

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  1. DiFi is no friend to truth or liberty. She's a useful tool to make it look as if the Dems care about BO violating the law.

    Who ordered the FOIA, if you know?

    1. The FOIA is from Ryan Shapiro (wanted to ban Fois Gras in California) and Jason Leopold (Sr. editor and reporter for Truthout). And yes, Feinstein is an Obama tool but it's good to see some of them speaking out (albeit gently) against him.