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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Lois Lerner's Emails Were Backed Up By Private Company

Sonasoft, Email Archiving Done Right

Uh Oh!!! Private company Sonasoft backs up the emails for the IRS. This means they can be subpoenaed but they better act fast before Sonasoft suffers a crash of their hard drive and is forced to recycle their computers. Because we all know that servers don't store backups...only hard drives, right? Here is the link to the website, specifically where the list of customers is...scroll down to government and oops!!!! There they are....the IRS!

According to the website, they offer:

 The world’s leading companies rely on Sonasoft products to secure their operational data. Sonasoft’s award winning disaster recovery software for Microsoft Servers: SonaVault, SonaExchange, and SonaSQL is known for ease of use and reliability for email archiving, backup, recovery, replication and migration needs.

Email archiving, backup and recovery. Sonasoft, do the right thing and hand those emails over. But if you assured you will be audited. But if it were my company....I would say not so fast to the audit. After all, you are in possession of gold right now. Make it work for you and the American Public.

And IRS Commissioner John Koskinen? You know...the guy who thinks he does not owe the American people an apology? Here is his picture:

And now what I think he really looks like:

Evil always resembles evil and it is becoming much easier to spot when your eyes are open.


  1. Man, you're getting pretty good at this facial recognition stuff, aren't you? Gollum and Koskinen. Separated at birth! *snork*

    Hey, I see that you've looked at that Indonesian post I just put up that links heavily to your story from back in February. I LOVED that piece. Please let me know if you have any problems with my refs and also let me know if you have any updates on your story coming up! Thanks!

  2. Here's hoping that this will lead to something, but I have gotten to the point where I doubt that anything is ever going to bring this tyrannical regime down.

  3. Grunt, you can share whatever...whenever....I never have a problem with that. And Neil, I know how you feel. What should have brought him down was the bogus B.C., or fast and furious, other words.... a long time ago.

  4. There are more than enough crimes committed by the Obama regime to have taken it down several times. You are seeing a prelude to how lawless the world will be under anti Christ.
    666 is coming and if you don't believe it just look how much this pencil neck Obama gets away with. He is totally depraved and evil yet no matter what he does at least 40% of the population totally agrees with him and approves not to mention most if the media. Because they are lost and depraved as well. You think the republican party will save us? They are Quislings and cowards. Even the tea party won't save us now. It's going to get worse. Only God can save us now. I would love to have our country back. But I believe it's just going to get worse.

  5. I kept looking at him and wondered, "where have I seen him before?" you nailed it, CW