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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Et Tu EPA???

Who needs Brutus when we have our very own government stabbing us all in the back? Now the EPA is saying they cannot produce emails guessed it, they suffered a hard drive crash...just like the IRS. And also like the IRS, it only affected the computers with said emails. What a koinki dink!

Today's hearing was called in response to allegations of rampant employee misconduct (imagine that) as well as a pattern of obstruction of oversight efforts by the committee. EPA administrator Gina McCarthy cited an all too familiar scenario today as we have seen it all played out within the IRS and Lois Lerner's missing links.

Darrel Issa threatened to hold the EPA in contempt of Congress over subpoenaed documents he claimed her agency was purposely withholding. The EPA was to provide Congress with documents, including all emails, concerning the veto of the controversial Pebble Mine project in Alaska and former employee Philip North. (More on that later)

The fact is, McCarthy could be held in contempt. So what? What bit of difference would it make? Holder was held in contempt. Lerner was held in contempt. So? The corruption marches on. Boehner is "suing" Obama for his overreach of power. So? Impeach and Imprison! ALL OF THEM!!!

I'll update on the Pebble Mine Project AFTER I have had a chance to "cool down". These damn people make my head explode.


  1. "Boehner is "suing" Obama for his overreach of power. " First of all, WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG John Boy???????????????? Besides being known for his weeping in public like a woman I remember this comment by this tool. " I ‘absolutely’ trust President Obama" Remember that line? How clueless can a man be? Sorry Boenher but you waited too long, besides I don't believe him anyway. The Constitution provides a solution for a rogue President like Obama, its called IMPEACHMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is what lawlessness looks like and I am afraid we haven't seen nothing yet.