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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Senior Homeland Security Advisor Says America Is An Islamic Country


Mohamed Elibiary, who is a top Homeland Security Advisor in the Obama White house, tweeted out a couple of days ago about America being an Islamic Country. I guess people, particularly red-blooded Americans didn't like that and told this windbag so. He then tweeted back this...which he has also now deleted...

"I said America was an Islamic country, not a Muslim country. Pls study up on the difference b4 attcking me."
Last fall, he tweeted that the U.S. Constitution was "Islamically compliant". I would have to disagree on many levels. First of all, we are a Bacon Loving Nation (BLN) and we prefer our Bible and our guns. In fact, we actually cling to them...sometimes bitterly.Then we have the little issue that America is actually a Constitutional Republic...not a democracy as many liberals wish it were. The majority of us would use your Koran for toilet paper if our asses weren't too good for it...which they are, so it's better off used as fire kindling.

Just because Obama is a Muslim and the left refuses to see it, true Americans are waking up and we are pissed off. We will have our country back and you and those like you had better be prepared to sit down and shut up or get the hell out.

One can only imagine what exactly you are advising....whispering evil thoughts into evil ears. Just so you sick and tired as we are of you and Obama and all the corruption....Our Father in Heaven is pretty sick and tired of the entire allah crap. So keep it up, you idiot. God is watching and yes, He is keeping score.  


  1. Words fail me. Don't know how much more of this we can take.

    1. I know Grunt....Sometimes, I hear so much and listen to the arrogance of this administration and I honestly don't know what to write about even though I could take my pick from no less than 50 topics each day. It is just disgusting.

  2. Rumor is, CIA director John Brennan is a muslim convert. Isn't that special?

    1. I had read that before and I have absolutely no reason to doubt it and no inclination to try and disprove it.