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Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Illegals And Obama's Cloward-Piven Moment

By now, I'm pretty sure we have all seen the leaked pictures of the illegal children all crammed in to buildings. Obama is calling it a humanitarian crisis and others are saying that these children will die if something is not done soon. Okay, I'm not heartless. I don't walk past starving people without offering food. I don't walk past a freezing homeless person without getting them a coat or a blanket. And the time a pickup lost control and rolled on the highway, my husband stopped and immediately went to help pull the driver and passenger out. He had no idea that it was 2 very drunk illegals in that truck and at the time, it did not matter, they were humans in need.

But there is no reason for all of this to be happening. These people have a home and it is called Mexico. If they wish to come here, the doors to doing so legally are completely open. But they do not wish to do it legally. They want to come here because we give them free healthcare, free housing, free education and free food. They pay no taxes and they do not do anything to help our communities. They take jobs away from Americans. 

But this is exactly what Obama wants. He wants to overload the system with government dependent people. That was the entire premise of Cloward-Piven. If you aren't aware of what exactly Cloward-Piven is, I wrote a piece about it a while back and you can read it here:

As I said, I am not heartless, but I believe that unless you come here legally or at least take the steps necessary to become a citizen soon after getting here, then you need to be sent back from whence you came. Americans need to come first and we are already overloaded and over-stressed. Our national security is at stake as well as our own livelihood. 

These pictures are meant to tug at our heart strings. They don't tug at mine. I live in Texas and I see more and more every day the illegals who are here taking over. They are working jobs in retail and barely speak English if at all. They drive as though they are in India and they have no courtesy whatsoever. I get so frustrated just by going to the store. I see the items in my basket and then I see the illegals in front of me with 2 baskets full to the brim...and then they whip out the old EBT card. And then, I see them loading their groceries into a nice truck. It is beyond frustrating. To be given everything off of the backs of those who work hard and pay taxes while giving nothing in return. 

No, my heart strings are not pulled. I am not heartless. But they need to go and if that makes me a so many things do these days...then so be it.  


  1. I read this twice. There are just no words.

  2. Thank you. I live in Texas, too. It is very discouraging to see all the illegals taking jobs away from Americans. We have been having trouble finding a roofer who doesn't hire illegals. We know people in construction that cannot get a job because they are given to illegals. I have also noticed the attitude of the illegals toward Americans. Now we will have an increase along with an increase in disease.

    1. It is very frustrating. We have tried to have work done as well and yet, only illegals seem to be hired. It drives me nuts.