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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Why Ted Cruz Will Succeed In Bringing Obama Down

Texas Senator Ted Cruz: Democrats Should Be Worried About Pattern of Lawlessness by Obama Administration

Everyone knows that everything is bigger in Texas. That's just the way it is. But what many fail to realize is that we aren't just talking "things" being bigger. We are talking about heart and having what it takes to take on a job, no matter the odds stacked against us, and complete said job, no matter who tells us it is futile.

This is why Ted Cruz will succeed in bringing Obama down. He will set a precedent that no one will be able to ignore. Let me tell you why. This is long but read it to the end. It is well worth it. 

This is taken from the actual court documents.

In October of 1994, Jose Ernesto Medellín was sentenced to death for capital murder. The case had actually begun on June 23, 1993. That evening, 14 year old Jennifer Ertman and 16 year old Elizabeth Pena were returning home from visiting a friend when they decided to take a shortcut. At around 11:15 pm they encountered Medellín and his fellow members of the "Black and Whites" gang who had assembled to fight with and then initiate a new member, Raul Villareal.

As the girls passed Medellín, he attempted to engage 
Elizabeth in conversation. When she tried to run, 
Medellín grabbed her and threw her to the ground. 
Elizabeth screamed for Jennifer’s help, but when Jennifer 
ran back she was grabbed by gang members Sean O’Brien 
and Peter Cantu and also thrown to the ground.  

As Medellín later confessed, what ensued was the brutal 
gang rape and murder of both Jennifer and Elizabeth. The gang members orally, vaginally, and anally raped both of them. When they were done, they strangled both girls to death. Later that evening, Medellín and other gang members went to Cantu’s house, where he lived with his brother and sister-in-law, Joe and Christina Cantu. Christina asked the group what they had done that evening, and Medellín responded that they had “had fun” and that their 
exploits would be seen on the television news. Medellín 
described to Joe and Christina how he had punched one of 
the girls because she had started screaming after he grabbed her.

Medellín went on to recount gang-raping both girls and showed them his blood-soaked underwear.  When Christina asked the group what had happened to the girls, Medellín told her they had both been killed so they could not identify their attackers. Medellín explained that killing the girls would have been easier with a gun, but because they did not have one, he took off one of his shoelaces and strangled one of the girls with it. Medellín complained of the difficulty in killing Jennifer and Elizabeth, relating that he had to put his foot on the throat of one of the girls because she would not die. 

Long story short on this, Christina finally convinced her husband to go to the police, which he did and Medellín was arrested on June 29, 1993 at 4 am. Some two hours later, between 5:54 and 7:23 that morning, Medellín was read his Miranda warnings aloud, signed a written waiver, and gave a detailed written confession of the crime. His confession detailed how each girl had pleaded for her life, prior to being murdered.  Although born in Mexico, Medellín has lived in the United States most of his life. In other words, he was an illegal alien, no matter how many years he has been here.

 Medellín was tried and convicted of murder during the 
course of a sexual assault, a capital offense.  The jury unanimously recommended a death sentence, and the district court sentenced Medellín to death. At no point during trial, sentencing, or the 
subsequent direct appeal, did Medellín – who had the 
assistance of two court-appointed attorneys – assert any 
claim under the Vienna Convention. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals affirmed Medellín’s conviction and sentence in an unpublished opinion. Rather than petition this Court for certiorari, Medellín contacted the Mexican consulate, and the consular authorities began assisting him with a state habeas corpus application. Eleven months later, Medellín filed his First Application seeking habeas corpus relief. 

After his First Application was rejected, Medellín filed a petition for a writ of habeas corpus in federal district court. Medellín claimed that he should receive a new trial because he had not been advised of his right to consular notification under the Vienna Convention. The federal district court rejected that claim as well. Medellín subsequently applied to the Fifth Circuit for a COA, which was denied. While Medellín’s application for COA was pending in the Fifth Circuit, the ICJ issued its decision in Avena and other Mexican Nationals. In Avena, the ICJ concluded that the United States had violated Article 36 of the Vienna Convention in the case of Medellín and 50 other Mexican nationals. 

The ICJ rejected Mexico’s request for annulment of the convictions and sentences, and concluded that the remedy for the Article 36 violations was that the United States must provide “review and reconsideration" of the sentences and convictions of Medellín and the other 50 Mexican nationals. The ICJ further ordered that the “review and reconsideration” must take place within 
the judicial system of the United States, and that the doctrine of procedural default could not bar such review. 

While the case was pending before the Court, the President issued a document styled as a “Memorandum for the Attorney General.” Yes, this would be President George W. Bush. The memorandum is as follows:

“I have determined, pursuant to the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, that the United States will discharge its international obligations under the decision of the International Court of Justice in [Avena], by having State courts give effect to the decision in accordance with general principles of comity in cases filed by the 51 Mexican nationals addressed in that decision.”

President Bush sided with Mexico and ordered the States to comply with the World Court and release not only Medellín, but 50 other Mexican Nationals as well. The U.S. Attorney General then mailed the memorandum to various state officials, including the Attorney General of Texas, Greg Abbott. Judge Keasler’s plurality
opinion, assumed – without deciding – that the memorandum constituted an executive order requiring Texas’s compliance. The plurality observed, however, that, “executive orders issued by the President must be authorized by an act of Congress or by the Constitution.” Treating the Presidential Memorandum as an order intended to bind Texas courts, the plurality considered the memorandum to be an “unprecedented” exercise of executive power, and held that the President had exceeded his constitutional authority “by intruding into the independent power of the judiciary.”

Presiding Judge Keller filed a concurring opinion stating 
that the President does not have the power to order a state 
court to ignore rules of procedural default and statutes 
governing successive habeas corpus petitions.

Why is all of this important? Because a case has already been heard against a sitting President and his administration for overstepping their bounds and attempting to force a state to do their bidding. Saddens me that President Bush did this, but he did. He was willing to push aside the fact that an illegal alien, who was in this country illegally, brutally raped and murdered 2 teenage girls. He was willing to appease the World Court and let the murder and others go free. Only that didn't happen. And the reason it didn't happen is because 1 man led the charge against President Bush and his executive order.

That man was Ted Cruz. He stood up to a sitting President and challenged him on his abuse of executive power, and with the help of Texas Attorney General, Greg Abbott, they won. On August 5, 2008, Medellín was executed for his crimes. Greg Abbott and Ted Cruz defied an executive order from a Republican President and overcame the obstacles such an act attracts. Greg Abbott is running for Governor of Texas and I pray he wins. I pray Ted Cruz wins the Presidency. These are the types of individuals that we need overseeing our states and our country. They did not play to the party rules that the Democrats and the RINO's do. They stand for justice and for what is right and go after those who break the law, no matter who they are. Wendy Davis would never have the guts or the inclination to do such a thing as this. And neither does Barack Obama. The left is filled with cowards who lust after power and money. The true right is filled with Greg Abbotts' and Ted Cruz' and these are the men who will save Texas and the Country.

I dare anyone on the left to call Mr. Cruz a racist. He not only went after Mexicans, he also went after a white Republican President. Wrong is wrong and it doesn't matter what side of the aisle you are on and color? That is nothing more than a mere shade of grey in the eyes of justice. 




  1. Hey Angela;

    I hope Ted Cruz is successful, but I fear that the establishment GOP will do to him what they did to Herman Cain and Perry. I hope I am in error and if he decides to run, that he will win,

  2. Hey Mr. Garabaldi,

    I know you are right but I just keep praying that enough people have woken up. Just enough...