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Monday, February 10, 2014

When Communism Was Dangerous...Even To Democrats

Over the weekend I received several boxes of old books and magazines. Even some newspapers from 1945 during WWII. This LIFE Magazine was among them. It is hard to see the date, but it is from October 20, 1961. In the article about communism, it talks about dear Marx, Lenin, Mao Se Tung, and Stalin, among others. The beginning words in the article are:

An Open Plot to Rule the World

The article talks about how communism got it's first hold on power in Russia in 1917 by Karl Marx. He was first exiled from Russia but returned in 1917 and led communists to victory in the Revolution. In this 1961 article, it says;

"The communist goal has long been apparent to Americans."
Perhaps at one time it was. That is not the case any longer. I'm not talking about those who have their eyes opened to what is going on right now. But to those who are either pushing this socialist poison down our throats on purpose and to those who have no idea whatsoever what is going on, only concerned with what free thing the government is giving them this week. But how did the Revolution begin? According to the article;

The stage for the Communist Revolution in Russia was set by WWI. Disastrously defeated by the Germans, Russian soldiers, ragged and hungry, deserted and straggled home. Their country was in chaos. On March 12, 1917, soldiers joined a rising of discontented workers in the capital, Petrograd (now Leningrad), and ended the centuries-long rule of the czars. Eight months later the revolt brought to power a fanatical Communist brotherhood, the Bolsheviks.
The ideology which propelled the Bolsheviks had its roots deep in the 19th century, the teachings of two Germans--Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Engels, who worked in a textile mill in England, was outraged at the sufferings of the English factory workers at the hands of callous industrialists. The sight of women and children, huddled in fetid slums, slaving for starvation wages, suffering harsh mistreatment, so stirred him that he collaborated with Marx to write the communist manifesto, published in 1848. The famous paraphrase from the manifesto, "Workers of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains," became the slogan for workers' movements all over Europe. 
Marx's ideas caught on fast in Russia, which had its own brand of revolutionary thought exemplified by nihilist Bakunin, who believed in violence for violence's sake and had a vision of "the whole of Europe... transformed into an enormous rubbish heap." The Bolsheviks combined Marx's ideas with Bakunin's terrorism to create their own revolutionary creed.
The Bolsheviks were caught completely by surprise by the March 1917 uprising. But during the following months, as one government followed another and each proved shakier than the last, the Bolsheviks built up their strength among the workers and soldiers. The last government was headed by Alexander Kerensky, who tried to crush the Bolsheviks. But it was far too late. Under Lenin's leadership the Bolsheviks staged a brief armed showdown in November. They met almost no opposition and took over Russia in the name of communism.
LIFE was bought by Time magazine founder, Henry Luce, in 1936. Funny how a little time, no pun intended, can completely change a company's agenda and even leave a Nation to suffer from history that repeats. Perhaps if more people cared about their history, we wouldn't be in the position we are now in, with another Revolution ready to spring forth at a moments notice by frustrated Americans who have just about had enough.

Today, February 10, 2014, is Glenn Becks 50th birthday. I think I will send this magazine to him. Perhaps he can tell the story of our past for us so much better than I myself can.


  1. I don't think most people in this country today even know what communism is. And when I try to warn them, I usually get one of these two answers. "What's Marxism?" Or the lefties use their Alinsky tactic and try to turn it back on me, "do you even know what Marxism is?" Lets face it, our once great Republic is on its deathbed, the Idiocracy is here.

    1. Hey C.J., absolutely people have no idea what it means. And when the idiots ask you if you know what it means as a response to your question, rest assured, they have no idea but just want to make you out to be the idiot. I've said it before....I really despise liberals...

  2. Hey, this doesn't have anything to do with this post, but I had to congratulate you for being way ahead of the big shots, by ten days! I was looking through Bad Blue, and I came across this: Good going! Maybe you should be on Bad Blue, and Drudge.

    1. Thanks....I have tried to join Bad Blue but all I get in return is crickets.... And Drudge, too. Guess they are too big to bother with a little ant. It gets frustrating though. Work your butt off to try and write something decent, then someone else comes along later and writes what you already have and they get tons of traffic.... sigh... I will quit having my pity party now. lol