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Monday, February 3, 2014

West Coast Starfish Are Dying. My Guess Is Radiation

The starfish on the West Coast are dying in the thousands with some areas being wiped out completely. The starfish are turning to goo and dying. Some even rip off an appendage and then that appendage will just walk away by itself. Scientists have "no idea" what is affecting the starfish, as well as some sea urchins and sea cucumbers. I will post the link to the article from USA Today in a minute, but my guess is radiation from Fukushima. You know, that Nuclear Plant in Japan that was hit in the tsunami in 2011? When all that crap drifted across the Pacific and ended up on the shores here in the good ol' USA? Now, maybe the levels aren't "that bad" or maybe they are no "cause for concern" as our dependable government would have us believe, but I believe it is affecting the sea life at the VERY least. Here is the link to the story from USA Today.

In fact, between May 2011 and August 2013, as many as 20 trillion becquerals (which is a unit of radiation) of cesium-137, 10 trillion becquerals of strontium-90 and 40 trillion becquerals of tritium entered the ocean via groundwater, according to Tokyo Electric.

Cesium isotropes, which emit flesh-penetrating gamma rays, are among the most dangerous radionuclides emitted by the plant, says Colin Hill, an associate professor of radiation oncology at the University of Southern California's Keck School of Medicine.

Strontium-90, which mimics calcium, increases the exposure risk for humans by remaining in the bones of fish for extended periods. And while tritium is less radiologically intense than cesium and passes through fish faster than strontium, it can also contaminate sea creatures that encounter the isotope in high levels, Hill said.

What's more, on November 26, 2013, Japan's more powerful lower house of Parliament approved a state secrecy bill. It gives them the power to withhold even more information about nuclear power plants. Journalists who expose information face 5 years in prison. This move is being praised by the Obama administration. Surprised?

Late in the evening on December 6, 2013 while protesters raged in vain, the Parliament passed the bill. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe used his governing coalition's majority to get the bill approved by Parliament in about 4 weeks. This is unprecedented speed considering the standards of Japan's consensus driven political environment. Protesters accused Mr. Abe and his Liberal Democratic Party of ramming through a potentially dangerous new law without giving the public a chance to understand it first. Sound familiar?

Mr. Abe, on the other hand, said that the new law will improve Japan's ability to manage delicate diplomatic, defense and counter-terrorism related information, thereby making it easier to share classified intelligence with allies such as the United States. There will be no Edward Snowden's from Japan and Obama would love nothing more to enact such a law here. After all, he has a pen and a phone.

So from dying starfish to full blown dictator, and all of it from toxic poison. Do you know what Chernobyl means in Russian? It means wormwood. Wormwood is also one of Satan's names. Evil is draped across the earth and there is only One who can save us from it.