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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Another Shooting By A Right Wing Nut Job

Elliot Rodger was a mentally ill and more than slightly deranged young right-winger who decided to go on a shooting spree and killed six people, injured at least 13 others before pulling the gun on himself and taking his own life. He also had a hatred for women because they wouldn't sleep with him...just like all right wingers. 

As much as the left would love for you to believe the above story, it just is not true. Elliot was mentally ill and he was deranged. He posted his hate filled manifesto online and made several You Tube videos wherein he explained who he would like to kill and why. Elliot was born the son of a Hollywood producer and he was half white/ half asian. I was looking around on some of the leftist sites to see what they were saying and it is just as I expected. Mainly that Elliot was a male suffering from white-privilege who hated women and went on a shooting spree that ended the lives of 6 people.

Again, not true. Elliot stabbed 3 people...his roommates. And they were all male. He then got in his car and drove around and then fatally shot 3 other people, 2 females and 1 male, before he turned the gun on himself and ended his own life. So in all, he stabbed three people with his assault knife and then killed 3 people with his assault handgun. 4 males and 2 females. But again, the left would like to leave out that one detail about the knife. They would also like to leave out that he was half Asian. And of course, leave out the fact that he killed more guys than girls.

One of the victim's father is Richard Martinez. Mr. Martinez has come out hard against right wing politicians and the NRA. It is all their fault and until all guns are taken away, tragedies like this will continue. Mr. Martinez, with all due respect, you are incredibly wrong. By your own logic, if someone with the last name Martinez ever harms my family, then I would then have the right to call for everyone with the last name Martinez to be executed. And if myself or someone I love is ever sexually assaulted, then I would have the right to call for every last male to be castrated. Only then would those crimes be stopped. And drunk drivers? Well, no more cars for anyone. If there are no cars, then there are no drivers...drunk or otherwise.

No one wants to mention the fact that California already has very strict gun laws. No one wants to admit that criminals will always have weapons, including guns. And no one wants to admit that the vast majority of these mass shootings are perpetrated at the hands of left wing ideologues and mentally deranged individuals. And you certainly won't hear about the thousands of people who take a stand against violence everyday by using their firearm to stop violent criminals. 

Each time a tragedy such as this occurs, we are not allowed to have a moment to grieve for the families. The left immediately takes over the conversation and spins it out of control, standing upon the graves of the dead while they spew their agenda for gun control. When leftist politicians step out without their armed security...including the President himself, then I might consider laying down my own arms. Highly unlikely, but I will consider it. However, we would see Darwin's evolution occur before our very eyes before the left would ever go about without their own armed forces. They only want the right disarmed and they use every opportunity to try and make it happen.   


  1. I blame black BMW's. Ban them.