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Saturday, May 24, 2014

I'm Not Ready To Make Nice

I'm sure we all remember way back in March of 2003, when Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks, stood on foreign soil and told the audience that she was ashamed that George Bush was from Texas. And I am also sure that we all remember the backlash that ensued. Their songs were immediately banned from from Country music stations across the Nation and massive CD burning's occurred. America told them that comments such as theirs would not be tolerated. They even received death threats and were told to just "shut up and sing".

I don't agree with their politics. But I agree that she had a right to say what she did. How is it any different than what we are seeing now? If anyone criticizes this president, we are branded as racist and worse. We can't have it both ways. We don't get to criticize others and then expect not to be criticized for doing the same things. The group did not support the war in Iraq. And I'll be honest, I never understood why we went to war with Iraq in the first place. Wasn't it about getting Osama bin Laden? Well, he wasn't in Iraq, but Saddam Hussein was and old Saddam has just recently decided that he was no longer going to accept American dollars for his oil. And then just a few months later we had 9/11 and then we went to war...with Iraq...and lo and behold, Iraqi oil was still accepting American dollars. The same thing happened with Qaddafi. 

As I said, I do not agree with their politics, but I did keep my CD's. I like their music.I also like the song they came out with in response to the backlash. I'm not ready to make nice. In a strange way, it could actually become a theme song of sorts for every American living under this administration. I'm sure the chicks would not agree to that, but again, that is their choice. I've kind of made it my own theme song.

Those of us who care about this Nation and all that she once stood for need to lay down the letter in front of our name. Whether Conservative, Republican or Democrat. If we care at all, we need to only replace that label with another one that should have been there all along. I just want to be an American. I want that title to tell the world everything they need to know about me. That I am Christian. That I stand for a just and moral society. And that I will not tolerate communism....just like it used to be.

And just for a quick swipe at Glenn Beck, who has completely ticked me off, as he now calls for peace and acts as though he is the only one God is speaking to and how he is going to change the world....he was one of the front runners on the ban of the chicks...even calling Natalie Maines a fat butter hog. Okay...that is his right....but I wonder if he ever looks in the mirror?

I don't think the chicks stating that they were ashamed of our President warranted all the backlash that ensued. There is so much worse going on these days and we have leaders who are out to destroy us. Where is the backlash? Where have all those who had the power to blacklist the chicks gone? 

It sure makes me wonder...  


  1. The chicks had every right to say what they did, just as I had every right to think they were punks for saying it. But that was also when we still had a country not totally over run with communists. Turns out Bush wasn't much better than Obama in the end. I must admit I supported the Iraq war at first. Something I regret. Rumsfeld got too many of our people killed over there by going in half assed. In the end it was not worth all the blood and treasure. But again, back then I was naive and thought we were doing the right thing. The only difference between Bush and Obama is I believe Bush loves our country even though he is a progressive (he had me fooled). Obama is a commie and hates this country and wants us punished for our blessings and success. What Bush started Obama is finishing.
    As for Glen Beck, I like him mostly. I do think he is a decent man and a patriot. But he is a Mormon. His Jesus is not the same Jesus of the Gospels. It is ANOTHER Jesus, so if you are following a false prophet ( Joe Smith ) where do you think the false prophet will lead you?
    I love this country as much as you do, I guess I am just finally opening my eyes to the reality that what we knew and loved is gone. Trust me I pray I am wrong, would love to be wrong. I have put my faith in my country, the constitution and patriotism my whole life and I will always hold on to those BUT I realized the faith in God must come first. If you were a holy God would you continue to bless an evil society like the one we live in? It will take repentance on the scale of Ninevah after Jonah paid them a visit. They repented and God gave them a reprieve although it was only temporary. We are now entering the age of lawlessness and it does not look good. We all need to pray.

    1. Thank you C.J. You just summed up pretty much everything I was trying to say. I get distracted around here and have to leave my writing several times only to come back and forget exactly where I was going with it. What I meant to convey is that it is a shame that the Dixie Chicks are not stepping forward now, speaking out against those who are doing the same things that was done to them then. And yes, we all need to pray.....constantly