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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

So McConnell "Won"

Kentucky's primary was held today and reports are in that Mitch McConnell has won the states primary in a landslide. First off, if this is an actual win and not just another facade stolen election, then I say SHAME ON YOU, Kentucky! Are you so backwards that you just don't care enough to actually follow anything political? Or have you become so dependent on government for your every want that your vote (and your soul) has been bought?

This is not about me being angry because "my guy" didn't win. It goes so much deeper than that. I don't live in Kentucky, so I have no say over who is voted in or out. But your vote, Kentucky, does affect me. Just as every other states vote affects me. When you continue to vote people like this into office, you are doing nothing to help this Country. You are only abetting it's demise. 

Having said that, reports have already come in, just within a few hours, from 19 counties so far concerning vote buying. Well, waddaya know? Think old Mitch is above election fraud? Think again. He is so far up Obama's nasty ass that he will never emerge clean ever again. Look at his lips, they are practically black from all the ass kissing he has done. The same is true of Harry Reid. I think it is more than just ass kissing. I think it is the very color of their soul shining through.

I don't know America anymore. Free speech is a joke. Say something the left doesn't like and they will swarm you. Refuse to bake a cake or take pictures of two gays getting "married" and you will lose your business. Try to speak out against common core at your child's school and you will be arrested. Vets are left to die because treatment is denied. The president and members of government lie at every turn. Little kids can't even eat a poptart without being suspended from school. And American Patriots are put at the top of terrorist watch lists because they disagree with government policies and corruption.

I don't know this place any longer. America was kidnapped long ago and even though we pay the ransom every year, she has not been returned and I fear she never will be.


  1. I think our elections have become just as honest as the NBA draft lottery.

  2. Well, after living in Kentucky for a few years, I had determined that it was full of stupid people. I guess that I just didn't know exactly how stupid! And now, I know!

  3. God wins in the end.