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Friday, May 9, 2014

Freedom Is Not Just A Word

I'm an American and as such, I have lived my entire life as a free person. For most of my life I have never really understood what it really means to be free. You could say that I took being American born for granted. I never really thought too much about other countries and how the citizens there live. But, in my late 20's early 30's, I began to have a better understanding, but it hasn't been until more recently, like just in the past few years, that I really began to think about Freedom. Not just what it means but what it symbolizes for others who don't have it.

Name another country...just one, where people here in the US strive to get to, willing to sacrifice their own life for, in fact, just to have a shot at a better life? Just name one....other than America. I cannot think of one. Now think about what others are willing to go through to get here. People from places like Vietnam, Cambodia, North Korea, Venezuela, etc., etc., etc. People in those places know what it is like to live under a very heavy hand. They are killed for the slight infraction of looking up from the ground a tad too high. They are killed because a distant family member was accused of doing something against the government. They are killed because they are nothing to their government.

So given half a chance, they are willing to sacrifice everything, even their life, just to get here. It doesn't matter if they arrive with nothing. If they arrive at all, they have all they have ever dreamed of. Freedom. And from that, they can build a life. They do not come here just for a handout or think that just because they crossed our border they are entitled to everything. They come here for an opportunity. A chance to live in peace. A chance to just live. These are the types of immigrants I welcome here. They have a respect for America because they know what it's like to live under tyranny. They know and understand the horror and hardship of watching loved ones die right in front of them and there is nothing they can do about it. They have no voice and they have no strength.

I watch as people here in America...those who have been born here and have grown up under the flag of freedom...are so ready to throw it all away. They live under the delusion that communism is the way to go. It's the new cause for all liberals to get behind. But I would wager that most have no idea what it really means to live under communist rule. And the ones who do know what it means yet push for it anyway should be shot. 

I know there are others like me who, even though we have never lived under any other color but Freedom, see and understand that we do not want it any other way. Living under communist rule would end only in a mass grave dug out of the earth for every loud mouthed liberals. And yes, it would be mostly liberals because while they think Freedom is overrated, they have no idea that it is that very Freedom that gives them the right to open their foul mouth. Patriots....those of us deemed domestic terrorists by the very same loud mouthed liberals, would then become Freedom Fighters. It happens in every country under communist rule. People want Freedom. And I guarantee that those limp wristed liberals who are working to destroy it will long for it when it is gone.

I have said before but it bears repeating. Conservatives could live perfectly well without a single liberal. Liberals, on the other hand, would become extinct if not for Conservatives. I only wish I could prove my theory.


  1. Amen - Yes, there are others like you, like me.

    1. I remember when you wrote that. It was when we were both still contributing to Conservative Blogs Central before he changed it to WordPress. Great article. For some reason, the link isn't clickable so I'm going to try to re-post and see if that helps.