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Friday, November 29, 2013

"The Voice" Is No Longer Speaking To Me

I know I am a little behind. We tend to DVR shows we like and watch them later so last night, we were watching The Voice and when the group started singing "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" I noticed that the word "Lord" had been removed and replaced with "Oh". This has truly ticked me off to the point where I removed all future episodes of The Voice from my DVR schedule. And shame on every contestant up there on that stage who believes in God but decided to just go along with this because they want to win a singing contest and make a lot of money with the talent that God gave them. 

But this is what is happening all over the world. God is being removed from everything and then people have the nerve to get mad at Him because their life stinks. Who took a stand and refused to sing the song that way? Which judge said "NO" we won't stay if God is removed? Not a single one. Fame and fortune are far more important than making waves and standing for God. 

We watch these music shows as a family. I like them because we are a musical family. When I say that, please do not get the idea that we are "professional" in our music. We aren't. My husband is learning to play the guitar and my son is learning the guitar and the drums. I like to sing. (I didn't say I "could" sing, I said I "like" to sing). But another thing we do as a family is study the Bible. Our son reads a little bit of the Bible to us every night and then we discuss it. This way, he reads the Bible all the way through on his own and learns a little bit along the way. If a family show decides to remove God, then we decide to remove them from our family.

Everyone seems expects God to bless them with all they want and they get angry with Him for all the bad things. I wonder how many times these people have ever told God Thank You for all the wonderful things or if they just get mad at him for all the bad? How sad that God can't look down here at His children and feel a little happiness and pride that He created us. We have done nothing but let Him down. Even Christians who remain silent when things like this happen are just sitting down and being quiet so as not to make a stir. Those who care nothing about God and are "offended" by Him are the ones making the waves. It is time for us to jump in and quiet those waves. 

A while back, I was called a religious fanatic. Why? Because I love God and we decide to place Him first. Am I a prefect little Christian? No, because I tend to spout out foul language when I get pissed and when I have had enough. If you have read my previous blogs, you already know this. But I try. Everyday I try and everyday I fail, but I ask God for forgiveness and then I try all over again. So my response to being a religious fanatic? Well, why aren't you? I believe David would have been called a fanatic even as he stood against Goliath in the name of the Lord. Moses, Noah, Elijah, Ezekiel, Paul...the list goes on and on. All fanatics. 

So for every Christian out there I say this: You had better first get on your knees before God and then you better get on your feet before mankind. Seems those have been reversed in past years. If we want God to stand for us, then we had better stand for Him. It is time to become a little more "fanatical". Not in the crazy person sense of the word but in the sense that it is time to stand firm on our beliefs and not back down so as not to make waves. The waves are already there and they are only getting bigger. Our job is to calm them. We have such a stronger voice than those who hate God. Why aren't we using it?


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