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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Part 6 Series: Exposing Barack Hussein Obama, II (2)

This is the second part to this series. There is one more part to come. The link to the first in this particular series is below as well as parts 1 through 5. Thanks for reading.
Part 6 in a series to delve deeper into who Obama is by learning who the people are that shaped his life. Who were the people who raised and mentored him? And just WHO is Barack Hussein Obama, II?
Barack Hussein Obama, II, Barry Obama, Barry Soetoro, Barry Soebarkah

When Barry returned to Hawaii in 1971, he began attending Punahou School, one of the State’s top private schools. During his “high” school years, Barry liked smoking pot so much that he and his friends had their own gang called the “Choom Gang”. What does “choom” mean? Simply, to smoke marijuana. And Barry wrote about his pot smoking in “Dreams” saying,
…he would smoke “in a white classmate’s sparkling new van,” he would smoke “in the dorm room of some brother” and he would smoke “on the beach with a couple of Hawaiian kids.”
As a member of this gang, Barry started a couple of pot-smoking trends. One of those was called “Total Absorption” or “TA”. If you exhaled prematurely, you were forced to skip your next turn. Another trend was called, “Roof Hits” which involved smoking weed with the windows rolled up and then turning your head back to suck in the last bit of smoke from the roof. And another? Barry became very well-known for his “Interceptions”. Whenever a joint was being passed around, he would elbow his way in and shout “intercepted” in order to take another hit out of line. I believe that is called “Bogarting” if I’m not mistaken.
Barry seemed to be particularly fond of Ray. He was the group’s dealer who was known for his ability “to score quality bud”. In his high school yearbook, Barry acknowledged his grandmother, grandfather, the Choom gang and Ray. No mention of his mother.
“Thanks Tut, Gramps, Choom Gang, and Ray,” Obama wrote, “for all the good times.”
Ray was killed a few years later by his scorned gay lover with a ball-peen hammer. Seems Barry has always had an affinity for taking a double portion from others to satisfy his own lust and then any witness to his dirty deeds ends up dead.
So Barry graduated from Punahou in 1979. He then went on to enroll in Occidental College in L.A. But how did someone with only average grades get in to the college in the first place? Well, when he applied to Occidental, he did so during a time when the number of blacks and Latinos was in sharp decline. The college had a new commitment to increase the diversity of not only the students, but the faculty as well. They also decided to diversify the curriculum. This decline coincided with the schools increased standard for admission. Basically, the school increases its acceptance standard thereby causing the sharp decrease in black and Latino students. So they decided to let them in anyway, under a new program whose sole purpose was to increase their minority numbers. Forget about earning your way in. If you are a person of color, just come on in anyway. Only the whites would have to fight harder to get in. The college news publication, The Occidental, published an article written by Bill Davis and Tom Hammitt on January 19, 1979.
“Efforts to upgrade the academic standards for minority students accepted by Occidental are another cause of the decline in representation of minority students on campus,” the article reported. “It used to be that we’d take (minority applicants) if there was any chance of them succeeding. Now we’re being more selective,” Dean Benjamin Culley said.  To help attract a higher quality minority student, Culley awarded financial aid differently based upon race. “Black and Chicano students, who comprise 10.2% of the student body, will receive approximately 33% of the funds available through his office,” Culley told the student newspaper.
Then we had the Black Student Caucus which was a forerunner for UJIMA, which was a black radical group. A group whose meetings would be attended by Barack Obama. So, did Barry get to go to college simply because he was black? Through his own words from page 142 of his book, “Dreams”, Obama described himself as a lackluster high school student and his mother often criticized him for being a “loafer”. He said his attitude toward schoolwork was “indifferent” and even called himself a bum who abused drugs and partied all weekend. He says the reason he went to Occidental was because of a girl he met from Brentwood while she vacationed in Hawaii with her parents. That girl has never been located. I will venture to say that the so-called “girl” in question was actually some guy.
Barry’s first public speech occurred at Occidental. It was during a rally against apartheid and in favor of affirmative action. The rally was about racial preferences. But it wasn’t just a speech. Barry and his friends, including Professor Eric Newhall, planned, promoted and performed the entire rally. Newhall was very active in the 60’s as a campus activist. He was also a draft-dodger and had spent 10 months in prison for draft evasion in 1968-1969. Although he was never one of Barry’s professors, the two were very close socially and played basketball together.
By his own admission, Barry attended Occidental under the name of Barry Soetoro. When he met a girl named “Regina”, he decided to start going by the name Barack. It was also in California, San Fransisco specifically, that Barry met Sohale Siddiqi. He is the Pakistani man who was Barry’s roommate in New York. After 2 years at Occidental with failing grades, Barry dropped out and wound up in New York, homeless and addicted to drugs. These are his own admissions. He again met up with Siddiqi in New York. Siddiqi was from Karachi, Pakistan and was here on a work visa. He was explained by Obama in his book, “Dreams” as being a “well-built Pakistani man”. He looks frail to me but who knows what part of his anatomy Barry was speaking of? Barry said that Siddiqi liked to party and snort cocaine. He also overstayed his visa and became an illegal alien. Here is the picture of him with Barry in the apartment they shared.
obama gay lover
They seem extra “cozy” to me. This photo was taken by another apparent roommate, Phil Boerner. Here is a photo of him supposedly taken by Barry. Note the rug is the same so I am inclined to believe the authenticity of this.
Interestingly enough, Barry travelled to Pakistan in 1981 and spent 3 weeks there before settling in to his studies at Columbia. How did he afford the airfare when once again, he showed up in New York broke and addicted to drugs? And why did he go? In 1981, Pakistan was under martial law and war could have broken out at any time. And although there was no travel restriction to Pakistan, there were strong travel warnings in doing so. I know we have all heard that there was a ban on American travel to Pakistan during this time but that is not true. Barry first went to Jakarta to visit his mother and sister, Maya. He then went on to Pakistan to visit a friend from Occidental and stayed at the Karachi home of a prominent politician, Ahmad Mian Soomro. Soomro’s son served as president before the appointment of Asif Ali Zadari. He finished his trip with a visit to Hyderabad, Pakistan.
Considering the fact that no one knew of this trip until 2008 when Obama was attending a fundraiser in San Francisco, one has to wonder if this trip really ever occurred. He was making the case for himself, proudly strutting his peacock feathers about how he had more knowledge of foreign affairs than his two rivals, McCain and Clinton. We know he is a liar so I do question this story. It makes no sense to me that a broke, nearly homeless drug addict would be able to travel to Indonesia and Pakistan for 3 weeks and then be able to come back to the states and really settle in to his studies at a very prestigious University. It is my belief that Barry attended Occidental as a foreign student and transferred to Columbia as the same, receiving foreign student aid for his tuition. Even if I were a complete straight A student, I would never be able to afford the tuition at a college like this. Not even with student loans and grants. There would still be a hefty portion to pay. And how did Obama pay rent? And then we come to the question of whether Barry ever attended Columbia at all. No one remembers him there. Neither the professors nor the students. So what was Barry doing in New York for 2 years if he wasn’t attending the University? Columbia University is an Ivy League College so I have serious doubts that Barry could get in to that school having just flunked out of Occidental. I have a theory, and I am working on it, but I believe he was a male prostitute in New York and possibly either a drug dealer or a drug mule bringing in drugs from Pakistan to the US. His high school friend, Mia Marie Pope, has just come forward saying that Barry was a homosexual during high school. She said everyone knew he was. In fact, she goes on to say that Barry did cocaine, which Barry himself has admitted to. Cocaine was and is very expensive. Crack wasn’t “out” yet in the 70’s so how did Barry get his cocaine? Mia says that Barry said he got it from older white gay men. Here is a transcript of her interview with James David Manning.

“One thing that Obama did brag about – and remember this is the late 70s, this was before crack was invented or if it was invented we never saw it around and I never heard of it until the 80s. So this was…if you were going to do cocaine, it was in the powder form and it was very expensive…Well, here we are a bunch of broke teenagers, and so you know… in other words for someone to brag they have this cocaine, was, you know – somewhat newsworthy within our little clique. And he said, and this time he was probably telling the truth, he would get with these older white gay men and this is how we pretty much had the impression that that’s how he was procuring his cocaine. In other words, he was having sex with these older white guys and that was how he was getting his cocaine to be able to free base.”
Barry supposedly graduated from Columbia in 1983 but did not go to Harvard until 1988. During this hiatus from school, Obama attempted to become a community organizer. He wanted change. He wrote this in chapter 7 of his book, “Dreams”,
“Instead, I’d pronounce the need for change. Change in the White House, where Reagan and his minions were carrying on their dirty deeds. Change in the Congress, compliant and corrupt. Change in the mood of the country, manic and self-absorbed. Change won’t come from the top, I would say. Change will come from a mobilized grass-roots. That’s what I’ll do, I’ll organize black folks. At the grass-roots. For change.”
So this is what Obama attempted to do but he was unsuccessful in procuring employment as a community organizer. So he got a job as a research analyst at a consulting company before being promoted to financial writer. “I had my own office, my own secretary and money in the bank,” he says in his book. But he wasn’t satisfied and left to pursue his original goal of activism. For six months, Obama carried on another letter-writing campaign seeking a job and worked with an environmental group to encourage City College students to recycle. At last, he landed a job with a nonprofit in Chicago. He was there for 3 years before going to Harvard.
It has been reported that Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal is the one who financed Obama’s stint at Harvard. This is the same Prince that offered Giuliani 10 million after the 9/11 attacks in New York. Money that Giuliani promptly refused to accept. In 2008, a local New York show called “Inside City Hall” aired a segment in which Percy Sutton was interviewed. Who is Percy Sutton? He was a prominent black American political and business leader. A civil-rights activist and lawyer, he was also a Freedom Rider and the legal representative for Malcolm X. During the 2008 interview, Mr. Sutton told host Dominic Carter that he had been asked by his friend, Dr. Khalid al-Mansour to help smooth Obama’s admission into Harvard Law School. Dr. al-Mansour was “the principle advisor to one of the world’s richest men”. That man is Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal. According to Sutton, al-Mansour asked him to “write a letter in support of Obama…a young man who has applied to Harvard.” Sutton had friends at Harvard and did write this letter.
So now the question comes in as to why a Saudi billionaire would have been interested in promoting Obama? At the age of 27, Obama began Harvard Law School where he received national publicity when he became the first African-American president of Harvard Law Review. Publishers began contacting him about telling his life story, and he began to work on his memoir, which was published in 1995. It had a 15,000 copy print run but didn’t gain a large readership and before long, it was out of print. This was his book, “Dreams from My Father”. It may be of interest to note that Bill Ayers has come forward to admit he is the one who actually wrote this book, not Obama. Obama and Ayers met while in New York and stayed very close while Obama made his move for Chicago politics.
During his course at Harvard, Obama began working for the prestigious law firm of Sidley and Austin in 1989 as an intern. It was here that Obama met Michelle Robinson. She had been hired by Valerie Jarrett to work on Mayor Daley’s Chicago Political Machine. One of the firm’s biggest clients was Tom Ayers, the father of domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. Michelle’s mentor while at the law firm was Bernadine Dohrn, wife or partner of Bill Ayers. Obama and Michelle would marry in 1992, one year after Obama’s graduation from Harvard. I call foul here. I believe this was a set up marriage from the beginning.
In 1990, while Obama was still a student at Harvard, he was offered a job from Tony Rezko, a low income housing developer. Obama declined the offer. In 1992, Obama returned to Chicago to work on a voter registration drive. In 1993, he joined Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland law firm which represented subsidized housing developers who were eager to tap in to government funds to reconstruct public housing. At this time, Mayor Richard J. Daley planned to tear down Chicago’s old and dilapidated public housing and build brand new units. Obama worked at this firm until he was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2004. Obama’s mentor at this firm was Allison Davis. Davis was often at odds with Richard J. Daley. In 1997, Davis partnered with Tony Rezko and together they formed New Kenwood L.L.C. Their first project was to build a 7 story apartment building for seniors called Cottage View Terrace. Davis was an appointed member of the Chicago Plan Commission by Richard M. Daley. I will also note that Tony Rezko is Syrian. It was also during this time period that the Obama’s began attending Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ.
In 1995, Obama ran for Alice Palmer’s seat in the State Senate when Palmer decided to run for the U.S. Congress. Tony Rezko backed his campaign. When Palmer lost the election for the U.S. Congress, she asked Obama to step aside so she could return to her State Senate seat. Obama refused and then challenged her re-qualification signatures on the ballot. Palmer was disqualified and Obama ran un-opposed. I will also note here that Palmer attended the 27th Communist Party Congress in the Soviet Union; but let’s back up just a bit. When William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn hosted a gathering at their home in the Hyde Park section of Chicago, Senator Alice Palmer introduced Barack Obama as her choice for the 1996 Democratic primary. Dr. Quentin Young, who also attended the affair, called it the political coming-out party for Obama. Money was raised for his campaign at this event.
In January of 1996, Obama joined the New Party, which is a radical socialist political movement deeply opposed to capitalism and carries the opinion that the Democratic Party is far too moderate.  The New Party sought to transform America into the sort of socialist democracy that is common in Europe. Even though Obama has vehemently denied this, documents obtained from the Illinois chapter of ACORN prove otherwise. The minutes obtained from one of their meetings are as follows:
Barack Obama, candidate for State Senate in the 13th Legislative District, gave a statement to the membership and answered questions. He signed the New Party "Candidate Contract" and requested an endorsement from the New Party. He also joined the New Party.
Also, a roster of the Chicago chapter of the New Party from early 1997 lists Obama as a member, with January 11, 1996, indicated as the date he joined. And make no mistake; Obama has had an intimate and long-term association with ACORN, which is the largest radical group in America. The organization was started in the 1970’s by radicals, George Wiley & Wade Rathke, with input from sociologists, Richard A. Cloward and Frances Fox Piven. They follow the Alinsky rule in that they pursue these goals through intimidation, demonstration, negotiation, legislation, and voter participation.  They do not care if the voters they sign up are actually real people, that is not the goal. The goal is to just sign up any and everything as a voter for socialist Democrats.
As an attorney for ACORN, Obama sued the state of Illinois in 1993 to make voter registration more lax. This is known as the “Motor-Voter Law”. He also, as an attorney for ACORN, sued Citibank in 1994 to force them into giving subprime loans to homebuyers with poor credit ratings. This would help set the stage for the housing/mortgage meltdown. In 1992, Obama served as the Illinois Executive Director of PROJECT VOTE, which added over 100,000 newly registered voters in Illinois. Project Vote is the voter-mobilization arm of ACORN.
In 1996, Project Vote became involved in Teamstergate which was a criminal conspiracy to embezzle funds from the Teamster treasury and then launder those funds through outside organizations before siphoning them back into the re-election war chest of Teamsters President Ron Carey in 1996.  There has been a consistent pattern of criminal activity associated with ACORN/Project Vote activist over the years. One individual, a Project Vote contractor, forged over 400 voter registration cards in 1998. A report from the Employment Policies Institute notes the following:
"Some of the addresses listed on these applications were traced to vacant lots, boarded-up buildings, abandoned buildings, and nonexistent house numbers".
Also, Mac Stuart, a former Miami-Dade field director for ACORN's 2004 voter mobilization, has testified that fraud is standard procedure for ACORN/Project Vote canvassers; behavior that is not only tolerated but encouraged by supervisors.  "The voter registration project has been operating illegally since it started," Stuart told investigators.
From 1994 to 2002, Obama served on the board of directors of the Joyce Foundation. They fund research that reaches conclusions to support its gun control agenda. Obama has funneled tens of millions of dollars to not only the Joyce Foundation, but also other gun control organizations such as the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence and the Violence Policy Center. Even though Obama has claimed that Illinois sportsmen know him as an advocate for their rights, his voting record while a state Senator indicates he holds nothing but contempt for law abiding gun owners. ISRA Executive Director, Richard Pearson had this to say:
"Any sportsman who counts Barack Obama as one of his friends is seriously confused. Throughout his tenure in the Illinois Senate, Obama served as one of the most loyal foot soldiers in Mayor Daley's campaign to abolish civilian firearm ownership. While a state senator, Obama voted for legislation that would ban and forcibly confiscate nearly every shotgun, target rifle and hunting rifle in the state.  Obama also voted for bills that would ration the number of firearms a law-abiding citizen could own, yet give a pass to the violent thugs who roam our streets.  And, inexplicably, Obama voted four times against legislation that would allow citizens to use firearms to defend their homes and families."
In 1997, Obama introduced the "Islamic Community Day" bill; a synopsis of the bill as introduced: Declares November 1, 1997 to be South Shore Islamic Community Center Day. It is very obvious where his true sympathies lie and it is not with the American people. And even though Obama quit working for the law firm Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland once he took office in 1997,  he remained associated with the firm until he was elected to the U.S. Senate nearly eight years later. Obama took action that could have benefited some of his firm's clients. In 1998, he used state Senate stationery to urge state and city officials to provide tax subsidies to help a partnership consisting of Davis and Rezko to develop low-income housing. In 2001, he was the co-author of a law that created a tax credit for people who donated land, buildings and/or construction material to develop low-income housing. There is no doubt that Obama’s old associates at the law firm benefited greatly from this.
Obama also served on the board of directors for the Woods Fund from 1993 to 2001. During his time at the foundation, some questionable grants were given, including one to Obama's church, Trinity United Church of Christ, headed by Rev. Jeremiah Wright and one to ACORN. There was also a grant made to Northern Trust for financial services, which is the same company that provided Obama his 2005 mortgage. Even more questionable is the fact that the Woods Fund's own web page in 2001 states that religious organizations are not eligible for grant consideration. I will also point out that Bill Ayers sat on the board for both of the Joyce Foundation and the Woods Fund during the time that Obama did.


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