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Friday, July 19, 2013

Tingles Matthews Apologizes For All White People

Well how nice of Tingles the MSNBC clown to apologize on behalf of ALL white people for all the crap the poor blacks have had to suffer through. I mean, it must be tough to sit around with a hand stuck out and just wait for a democrat to fill it with free stuff paid for by hard working American conservatives. 

I'm not saying that all blacks do this but a majority do and quite frankly, I have nothing to apologize to anyone for. I have never owned a slave and neither did my parents or my grandparents. I haven't ever forced a black to sit at the back of the bus or sit at the back of the restaurant. What exactly do I have to apologize for? For simply being white? No! I won't apologize. So don't ever speak for me again your worthless pile of feces. You should apologize to every white person. Not only are you a disgrace to the white race, you are a disgrace to humanity itself. If ever there was a missing link, it could be found in your brain. The only way to test for it is the same procedure used to test an animal for rabies. Do your fellow demos a favor and help them find it, huh?


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