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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Obama Tells Africans They Can't Have A/C Or Nice Homes

The sheer audacity of this ass in chief never ceases to amaze me. Just when you think he can't possibly say or do anything dumber or more arrogant, he goes and surprises you. Speaking at a town hall event in Johannesburg, South Africa yesterday, Obama told Africans that they cannot have air conditioning, cars or big houses or else the planet will boil over. You know what is going to make the planet boil over, Obama? YOU ARE! You are the most ignorant piece of dung to ever walk the face of this earth.

You are telling people who have NOTHING that they won't be allowed to ever have anything. What the hell is your problem? There is nothing stopping these people from bettering themselves. That is, nothing but ass wipes like you. You know who Africans can't trust? Africans...specifically Kenyans and one Kenyan in particular. That would be you dip ding.

These people can't even afford mosquito nets and you are telling them that they will not be allowed to ever get out of the ditch in which they live? People, all across this world, can do anything they set their mind to do. People who face death, do so just to be able to get to America, where they will have an opportunity for something better. If Africans want to better themselves, they can do so and they DO NOT need the approval of a two bit whoring side show called the Obama Administration.

You are right, nimrod... the planet IS about to boil over and you are going to be caught right in the middle of it because no patriot in America would bother to rescue your pansy ass when the devil comes calling for your dues. Dues you can't pay. But you signed the contract in blood. The blood of Americans and innocents around the world. And the devil will have his due.


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