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Monday, July 8, 2013

Jim Carrey Is Sorry...So Effin What

Well's official..Jim Carrey is sorry. He's just so sorry for calling his fans heartless mother effers. In a tweet he has made it clear that he is really, really sorry.
Jim Carrey Tweets Apology to Assault Rifle Fans for Heartless Motherf   ers Comment
See, this is what happens when you call your fans names and then your career tanks. You get really sorry. We can forgive, Jimmy, but we don't forget. And you're also sorry about your most recent film because it is too violent. Are you sorry enough to donate every cent you made from it to the victims of Sandy Hook or to some other charity? Nope? Didn't think so.
You are a typical liberal Hollywood buffoon, Jimmy. You live in a world where you believe yourself to be above everyone else. The recent decline in your fan base proves that you are not. For most of us, watching you in any movie now is not an enjoyable experience. All we see is an overgrown idiot running around being stupid...and it isn't funny anymore. You aren't funny. You aren't cute. And we don't want to hear from you anymore. We have heard enough. Sorry that your liberal fans aren't enough to keep you on top in Hollywood. They're too busy with trying to stay on top in their own career.
If the Dixie Chicks should just shut up and sing, then you sir, should just shut up and act.


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