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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Melissa Harris-Perry Wears Tampons For Abortion

MSNBC Host Melissa Harris Perry Dons Tampon Earrings On Air to Defend Abortion Rights

What an asinine twit! Can someone tell me what the hell tampons have to do with killing an unborn child? Hey Melissa, tampons are for stopping the flow. Abortion is about murdering a little innocent child. And the reason the tampons and maxi pads were confiscated in MY state of Texas when stupid women were protesting against killing a child after 5 MONTHS in the womb, is because they were planning to throw them at the lawmakers.

If you want me out of your "bedroom" and away from your reproductive system, then you stay the hell out of my wallet when you go pay to murder your child. Sound fair? Of course not. Because not only do you want the right to kill a child at will, you want someone else to pay for it. But do you know who will ultimately pay for it? You will. Each and every person who has an abortion or supports those that do will have to pay for it. You will stand before God and you will have to answer for your sin. And just FYI... You can't take tampons with you when you go so you might want to start thinking of another "exit" plan.


  1. She may be even dumber than you think. Check out