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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Obama Opening Criminal Investigation Into Leaked Spy Documents

The Obama Administration is opening a criminal investigation into who leaked the info concerning the classified documents about the governments secret surveillance programs. Now, I find this very interesting. He demands to know who told on him but will not order investigations into any of the scandals associated with his corrupt a**. I am wondering if he cares about the leaked information concerning the whereabouts of a secret Israeli military base. That story is here.
He needs to open a criminal investigation on himself and then arrest himself and throw away the key. He must suffer from blackouts as he can't remember anything and has no idea what he is doing.

The message is clear. Say something against the wanna be king and pay the price for it. He has a mission to complete and he is running out of time. The American people are fed up with this loser and his little followers. They offer no value to society. They are a plague that must be eradicated. Even a tiny cancer cell left behind will grow in to a raging, devouring killing machine if given enough time. This cancer is comprised of liberal progressives, Islam, illegals, etc...

Obama wants to remain in power. If he can't, he will do everything he can to destroy America in the short time he has. He hates this country and the people in it. Even those "established" RINO's have got to go. McCain, Graham, Boehner... they care nothing about the will of the people. They only hear the call from their wallet. They like the power they have and they like the perks and benefits they receive. They will fight to keep it just like the democrats.

It's way past time we cleaned house. A thorough cleaning that includes those on both sides of the aisle.


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