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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ima Go Kill A White Boy

As the George Zimmerman trial drags on, the circus freaks continue to come out in force. And they are spewing their hate with fervor. The defense' star witness, Rachel Jenteal, doesn't even "think" that calling someone a "creepy ass cracker" is racist. Guess what Rachel? Calling a white person a cracker is just as racist as calling a black person a n*****. See how nice I was? I didn't even spell it out. And now people from across the nation are lighting up twitter with their racist remarks.

If George Zimmerman gets off, they are going to go kill a white boy? Why? Zimmerman isn't white you no brain half wits. I am so sick and tired of hearing the hatred spewed from blacks who then have the damn nerve to call me a racist. I'm not racist... you are. Most of the race doesn't even have a clue about history. All they know is that blacks were once slaves and evil white republicans are responsible.

Well, do your homework for a change. Slaves weren't slaves when America was founded. In fact, the very first slave was named so in a court room where a black man, YES, a BLACK MAN, felt as though he needed to own another black man. The judge agreed and then began the horrible practice of slave ownership. The Republican party was founded by Abraham Lincoln, who FREED the slaves. So when blacks vote democrat, they are actually voting for the very party who made their race slaves in the first place and then fought in a civil war to keep them.

Is the Obamaphone really that important? I guess it is, along with all the food stamps and welfare and free or reduced housing. It is called selling yourself and your race out. You call anyone who betters themselves and decides to not speak like a ghetto thug an "Uncle Tom" or a traitor to their race. Why? Because they want to provide a better life for themselves and their family? Why aren't you more important to yourself? Why isn't your family?

Maybe those who spew their hate are born in to exactly what they deserve. The reason you don't get out and better yourself, and this goes for all races, is because you are either lazy or you just aren't that smart. Rachel Jenteal certainly isn't very smart. She is barely literate and can't even read cursive, much less write it.

This entire trial is a joke. And count on the fact that if Zimmerman does go free, their will be riots. Just like in the case of Rodney King. Never mind the fact that he had just led police on a high speed chase through Los Angeles and had been drinking. During those riots, 53 people were killed and over 2000 were injured. Pathetic. Wanna call me a racist? Go ahead because I don't care. But you might want to go look into the mirror of your soul first. If you even have one.


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