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Monday, January 12, 2015

Will June 26th, 2015 Mark The End Of Obama?

Let me be perfectly clear, I am no a prophet and I don't play one on TV. And I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night either. I also want to make perfectly clear that Obama is NOT the anti-Christ. He is however, a type of anti-Christ. There have been many of these types throughout history. Obama is just another in a long line of many who run swiftly to do Satan's work.

I believe God's word with all my heart and I know that when God says something, you can bank on the fact that it WILL happen. Daniel 11:20 tells us about the great taxer, (Obama) who will come with all the glory of the kingdom. Remember when he stood before his adoring crowd with those Greek columns? He had the glory of his kingdom for sure. The media is quick to protect this evil man and sets out to destroy any who dare speak against him. But the same verse tells us not to worry because in a few days, he will be destroyed. Not by anger or war, but utterly destroyed all the same. It is no secret that God's few days are not the same as ours. If that were the case, Obama would have been gone on January 24th, 2009. That's a few days to me. God has other plans. Remember, a thousand days to man is one day to God. 2 Peter 3:8 documents this. That is also why Adam lived to be over 900 years after God told him he would die in the same day he partook of the poison. (More on that another time). Adam indeed died before he lasted through a single one of God's days. God is not a liar.

I also know that numbers are very important to God. And we all know that 666 is the number of Satan. It is just a number. 6 is the number of man. Anti-Christ arrives on the scene at the 6th trump, the 6th vial, and the 6th seal. 666. But since Obama is a type for anti-Christ, I thought what if his destruction comes about on his 6th year, 6th month and 6th day in office? That would be June 26th, 2015. That is exactly 8 days before July 4th. 8 in biblical numerics stands for new beginnings. And it would be a new beginning for us if this man were removed from the picture. The only other thing I can find happening on that date so far is the release of Terminator 5. Hmmm.... Terminator 5. 5 stands for God's grace.

Certainly his destruction has to happen soon. His time is running short and we as a Nation cannot sustain him much longer. He is nothing but a small minded Muslim who gets his "feelings" hurt over every little criticism. Just as all Islamist's do. 


  1. Hey Angela,

    Glad you started blogging again:) Truth be told, I hope you are right but I still believe that the media will protect obama at all cost. Unless something unfortunate befell the Marxist poser in the White house, Obama will leave at the end of his term. if something bad happened, then Obama will be canonized as a saint to the liberal cause...and that is worse.

    1. Hey Mr. G. Something has to give. And he is starting to tick off more and more libs. They have to throw their support behind their new puppet master (hillary) and perhaps that will mean turning on their "anointed" one. One can only hope but I do know that God is in complete control. All we can do as humans is to speculate.

  2. While I hope you are right and many also link Obama to Psalm 109-8, the problem is the entire government is infected with leftists and dhimmi's with a soft spot for Islam. The Muslim Brotherhood has also infected the regime of Hussein Obama. Even most so called Republicans are spineless squish if not liberals themselves. While I do believe Obama is an evil son of Satan, the government is full of people just like him.

    1. Hey C.J. Yes Psalm 109:8. Also Psalm 109:7 because Satan is surely at Obama's right hand, guiding his every pathetic move. Liberal politicians are nothing but scorpions. What is a scorpions power? He has a long tail with a stinger on it that can hurt you if you aren't careful. He has two pincers right by his mouth. They do not have a stomach to digest food. The scorpion takes his tail and poisons his victim. Then he takes the pincers by his mouth and uses them to hold the victim so that he can regurgitate his stomach juices into the victim so that the victim becomes his stomach. In other words, it turns your backbone to mush and makes it impossible for you to stand strong. And that explains Boehner and the rest like him. Completely spineless, being used as a stomach for the evil ones. Makes me absolutely sick. I just keep repeating...God is in control, God is in control, God is in control...