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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Gays, Muslims and Racists All Suffer The Same Ailment

Racist... the mere thought of being called this made up word strikes so much fear into the hearts of most that they will tolerate almost anything to escape the stigma of being branded. Me? I don't care so I'm just going to put it out there and if I get called a racist (again)... I couldn't care less and rest assured, I will lose no sleep over it.

There is one thing that gays, muslims, atheists, racists, bullies and so on and so forth all share. It is jealousy and hatred. Let's break it down.

Atheists: They absolutely HATE anything and everything they deem offensive that pertains to God. They absolutely hate it so much that they go to great lengths to remove even the smallest vestige of His existence. But why? Why do they hate God with such a passion? Because of fear and jealousy. They do not want to follow a simple set of rules set forth to Christians and they refuse to acknowledge that there might be a higher power that helps us through. In doing so, they have to give up some of their own power and feelings of ultimate superiority. By giving God thanks, we acknowledge that without Him, we would never be able to accomplish the things we do. Atheists expend an exponential amount of energy trying to remove God and anything Christian than Christians do trying to remove atheists. I do not lose sleep over atheists. If they choose to be stupid, then God gave them the gift of free will to be just that. I just wouldn't want to be in their shoes come judgment day. Even though they will deny it, atheists are not happy people. And they are jealous of Christians who are. Because with God, no matter how hard things are sometimes, we still find things to be thankful for and that gives us an inner peace that an atheist will never have.

Racists: It is no secret that the majority of racists are black. It is just a fact. You hear of more blacks who hate white people than you do of whites who hate blacks. Maybe that wasn't always the case but it certainly is now. And please shut up about slavery. I do not know of a single black person in America who was ever a slave to a white person. Put it to is over. And forget about thinking the white people owe you everything because of what our ancestors supposedly did to your ancestors. First you need to prove that my ancestors actually owned slaves. Not all white people did. In fact, it was a black man who first went to court in America to fight for his right to own slaves. Just because I am white doesn't mean my family ever owned slaves. And you cannot hold me accountable for what someone else of my race may or may not have done. I believe that a majority of black people are jealous of white people. They believe that the reason they live in squalor filled ghettos is because of the white man. We are somehow holding them back and keeping them oppressed. This is not true.

Look at one example. Dr. Ben Carson. He was born into extreme poverty in a ghetto. His mother worked her fingers to the bone to provide for her children. She could not read, but her sons didn't know it and so she would make them read a book and then make them write a report on it. She would then "read" their book report and make marks with a red pen. It made them want to do better and not get those red marks. She did it because she loved her children and wanted a better life for them. It worked. Dr. Carson grew up to be the top neurosurgeon in the nation. And he came from the drug saturated environment of the black ghetto. He is a glaring example of what someone can do if they put their mind and energy into it. He chose to make something of himself and not take the same path as countless others who choose the easy way; drugs, thievery and various other criminal activities run rampant within the black community. This is not an assumption. It is a fact. If more black mothers would teach their children the value of a good education along with instilling a deep rooted moral compass in them, there would be more Dr. Carsons and less gangster thugs.

Instead, black children are taught "how to interact with the police" because the police are bad and they are out to get them. Newsflash: The police will be after you if you break the law! Teach your kids first not to break said laws and secondly, if they do, to suffer the consequences. Blacks are jealous of what they perceive to be "white privilege". Even while more blacks than ever are wealthy and successful. Apparently Mooch Obama suffers racism because a short woman asked her to get something from the top shelf at target and Oprah suffers racism because a clerk told her the purse on the top shelf was very expensive. It's all just a bunch of horse manure. If you were to take a Trayvon Martin or Mike Brown from the ghetto and pay for their medical school, they would never become a Ben Carson. Why? Because that isn't the life they want. They don't want to work for anything. They want to either steal it or have it handed to them. Racist? Only if truth is the new racism. The truth is, the only thing holding them back is themselves. Period.

Gays: Let's get one thing straight right off the bat. I could really care less if you are gay or if you are some weirdo who wants to dress up as the opposite sex. I lose no sleep over you. But don't shove what I perceive as filth down my throat or parade it around for my children to see. Gays, like atheists, go after Christians. They sue Christian businesses because those businesses dare to stand firm in their belief and not further their gay agenda. But what happens when a straight couple is denied services from gay owned businesses? Nothing. I believe that gays feel as though they are wrong. My opinion. And because they feel they are wrong, they have to scream louder and put themselves out there more and more. They fall into the same category as atheists to me. Heaven forbid some Christian hurts their precious little feelings by believing that God doesn't approve of homosexuality. Here's another newsflash...He doesn't. Sodom and Gomorrah. Enough said. Is it an unforgivable sin? No. There is only one sin that is unforgivable and not everyone can even commit it. If God's elect (only 7,000 of them) refuse to allow the Holy Spirit to speak through them when they are delivered up before anti-christ, that is unforgivable. But gays are jealous of those of us who are straight Christians for many of the same reasons that atheists are jealous of Christians.

Muslims: Now we come to the real small minded group. This group believes that anyone who will not conform to their ways and worship their pedophilic prophet should be immediately separated from their head. Their holy book tells them it is okay to lie, to murder, to cheat, to steal, and to beat and mutilate their women. Prove me wrong... waiting.... Never mind, I'll be waiting far too long. They are so insecure that they commit all of these atrocities and so many more because their goat-raping prophet told them to. God, the one true God, tells us not to lie, not to steal, not to cheat, and not to beat and mutilate our women. He never tells us to cut the heads off of someone who believes something different. Could you imagine the outrage if He did? Could you imagine if Christians acted like Islamists? People the world over have made fun of Christians and drawn disgusting anti-Christian cartoons since the dawn of time. Do we seek to behead them for it? No. Because we are secure in our belief and know that they are wrong and they will suffer the consequence because of it. They are the tares that God told us to leave alone. He will sort them out. Not Muslims. They are so pathetic by the very nature of those things that "offend" them. And I feel happiness every time a terrorist is killed because I know that not only did they not receive their coveted virgins, but they are standing before God Almighty with complete recall of who exactly He is. And they can no longer hide behind their false god and false prophet.

Islam is the religion of Satan. There is no peace...only pieces. It is the religion of pieces. Satan wants discord and discontentment. Christians do not suffer from those ills. But Muslims do. They are the true satanists and they are jealous that Christians have a much better life then they do. Period. All I hear from leftists and other Muslims is that Islam is the religion of peace. I haven't seen this for myself...only the contrary. Perhaps they are trying to convince themselves of this lie because they aren't convincing me of it. It is an evil religion born straight from Satan's bowels.

I am a white, Christian conservative. I am not jealous of gays, Muslims, racists, blacks, atheists, etc. etc. etc. I am happy and content with my life, my race, my faith and my politics. I do not seek to exterminate any other race or creed, but make no mistake...I am not weak and I have no problem defending my family or my country. And I would not lose an ounce of sleep if you meet your maker trying to take my rights away from me. God is with me. I believe that with everything within me. And if God is with me, tell me who can stand against me?


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