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Thursday, January 8, 2015

U.S. public school forces girls to follow Islam



Douglas County Board of Education

The Douglas County School District in Colorado, under fire for saying that schoolgirls will have to cover up completely, from head to ankle, for a field trip to a Muslim mosque, has confirmed that such Shariah requirements will, in fact, be enforced on the school outing.

“Students who choose to attend the [Rocky Heights Middle School] world religion field trip are expected to respect the dress code of the host facility,” the school said in a statement posted online.

The explanation followed a firestorm of criticism of the school for announcing the field trip for seventh-grade students and including a note that the Shariah dress code could be enforced.

The note sent to families, according to a report from Islam expert and commentator Pamela Geller, said, “The world religions field trip is next Tuesday, January 13, We will be visiting the Denver Mosque, the Assumption Greek Orthodox Cathedral, and the Rodef-Shalom Synagogue. We will then eat lunch at Park Meadows Food Court. Students must either bring a sack lunch or money to purchase lunch at the food court.”

And it continued, “THERE IS A DRESS CODE FOR THIS TRIP: All students must wear appropriate long pants. Ankles must be covered. Girls must bring wide scarves or hooded sweatshirts for the mosque.”

Noted Geller, “The subjugation and oppression of women are enshrined under the Shariah. Young school girls should not be forced to ‘respect’ a dress code that represents honor violence, female genital mutilation, forced marriage, child marriage, et al.”

EAG News noted the trip – and the Shariah dress code requirements – had been the subject of the Peter Boyles radio talk show on KNUS radio.

“Public schools are forbidden from holding girls to different standards than boys,” Boyles noted. “They’re holding these girls to a different standard – it’s a religion reason.

“Islam dictates many, I believe – personal belief – repressive practices against women and Islamophobia will trump womens’ rights. Animal rights every time, and the environment. That’s their belief – that’s wonderful. But don’t apply it to public school kids,” Boyles said.

In response, the district posted a notice called the “Rest of the Story.”

There, officials explain the field trip is an option, not a requirement.

“If the decision is made to not participate in a field trip, alternative educational opportunities are provided,” the district said. “This is true for any DCSD field trip, including the RHMS world religion field trip.”

If students do choose to participate in the field trip, they are subject to the Shariah dress requirements of the mosque, the school said.

“As part of providing an authentic learning opportunity for students, DCSD provides an optional field trip to further support the world religion course, thus allowing students who choose to participate to discuss what they experienced on the field trip with their family members and eventually leading to the development of their own views,” the school district said.

“School girls at a Douglas County public school in Colorado are being forced to cover up from head-to-toe to visit a mosque on a school mandated Common Core trip,” Geller continued. “There are no requirements to visit a Greek Orthodox cathedral or synagogue.

“Here again we see that anywhere American law and Islamic law conflict, it is American law that has to give way,” she wrote.

U.S. public school forces girls to follow Islam
Bob Unruh
Thu, 08 Jan 2015 17:21:34 GMT


  1. The level of cultural and historical ignorance among Americans makes me squirm. When my family traveled to Latin American in the early 1960's, a time when the Roman Catholic Church required women to cover their heads while in church, my mother, sister and I always put on a hat or mantilla before entering some of the region's many beautiful Baroque churches. If we had forgotten to bring either, there were little old ladies guarding the doors who would give us a Kleenex to cover our heads. We did not do this because we were agreeing with or adopting Catholic Dogma. We did it because it demonstrated courtesy and respect for that Dogma. We weren't forced to do it - it was our choice to go inside these Churches.

    When we entered a Synagogue, my brother put on a hat for the same reason.

    When I visited famous Mosques in Egypt, I always put took off my shoes and put on a headscarf before entering, not because I was being forced to live under Sharia Law, but to show courtesy and respect for the rules of the people worshipping there.

    If you visit the shrine of a different religion, you are obliged to show respect for that religion by following their rules and etiquette. If you object to those rules, don't visit the shrine. If you go there anyway, don't bitch about their rules.

    1. Ignorance.....such a big word for a small mind. The point is, if you wish to visit these places, you are free to do so, but to force a classroom to wear the muslim attire and then on to visit the mosque is over the line.

      I do not care about respecting their so called religion or their beliefs. All they care about is following their way and forcing others to do so, beheading any who refuse. Why should I respect that? And don't give me the tired and worn out phrase "Islam is a religion of peace". It is the religion of pieces. And every "moderate" muslim wants a radical to chop our heads off. Islam is a cancer and you have to get rid of it to survive. Period!