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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sandy Hook Teachers: Good Guy with a Gun Could Not Have Stopped Adam Lanza

My opinion? Sandy Hook never happened. Controversial? Yes. Do I care? No. Truth is truth.

The United Way posted condolences on their website about Sandy Hook THREE DAYS before it happened.

The SSDI had Adam Lanza dead a day before the “shooting”.

Crisis actors were used.

Obama was photographed with the “dead” little girl, Emillie, after the shooting.

Emillie’s dad, Robby, was caught on tape laughing before he knew the cameras were rolling and then he teared up.

ALL of the residents of Sandy Hook got their mortgages paid off…..

The FBI lists no killings for Newtown on their website.

Need I go on?

During the December 7 airing of CBS News' Sunday Morning, Sandy Hook educators laughed at the idea of armed teachers and said a good guy with a gun could not have stopped Adam Lanza. 

CBS News' Jane Pauley asked the educators how many of them wished they had a gun when Lanza started shooting. Responses ranged from, "I did not even think about it" to outright laughter. 

Following the laughter, school librarian Mary Ann Jacobs said: 

And you know what? If there had been someone at the entrance to our school with a gun, they would have been dead too. There's a reason they call them "assault weapons." It's an impossible barrage to survive from. We survived because we were lucky and because he was stopped, for whatever reason, before he could do more damage.

The teachers represent Sandy Hook Educators for Gun Sense and they are pushing for expanded (universal) background checks, limits on ammunition magazine capacity, new regulations for gun shows, and new rules for online gun sales—none of which would have stopped or even hindered the attack on Sandy Hook. 

But librarian Jacob suggested the effectiveness of new gun control laws should not determine whether those laws are or aren't passed. 

Here are Jacob's exact words:

This is like, when, cigarettes got so much pressure and all the laws were made against all the tobacco companies, and the same thing with seat belts and car safety. And you know, not everyone wears their seatbelt, but that doesn't mean we say, "Well, forget it then. Let's not have a law about buckling up."

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Sandy Hook Teachers: Good Guy with a Gun Could Not Have Stopped Adam Lanza
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